Oculus introduces United States dollars 99 Gear VR that works with new Samsung phone

Samsung Gear VR will surely be over the counter at the end of November, on the right time for Black Friday, and it’ll forex with the low cost of usd99.


The new VR headset is also said to be compatible with any of Samsung’s four new smartphones, which are the Galaxy S6, the Galaxy S6 Edge, the Galaxy S6 Edge+, and the Galaxy Note 5.

Facebook Inc.’s Oculus will sell movies, video games and streaming services via its virtual reality headsets, seeking to make the devices more appealing to average consumers, the company announced during a presentation in Hollywood late last week.

“Together with Samsung, we’ve redefined virtual reality and created the best mobile VR experience available today“, company CEO Brendan Iribe said according to EWeek.

Oculus Gear VR is a gaming headgear with a promise to bring gamers one step closer to virtual reality. The foam pads are made with softer fabric, and the white plastic that used to cover the head straps in the old Gear VR are now gone.

Of course, those early iterations were more “virtual” than “reality;” still the ability to move within a real-esque space and engage with objects or people within that space-real or otherwise-has fascinated engineers and creatives alike for many years. It includes trackpad, back button and motion sensors to detect acceleration and gyroscopic position.

Other than “Minecraft”, there will be loads of games set to make a transition to virtual reality. Now users can download the Netflix app and stream shows on the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. It will be interesting to see whether Samsung allows users to play games from the arcade without a headset, and we hope that some other developers join in, so Samsung doesn’t control the whole game market. The company promises that the display will offer “incredible visual clarity” as users explore virtual worlds with the headgear. It will also feature an infrared LED constellation tracing system that is expected to provide smooth and accurate 360-degrees orientation and positioning.


The term “virtual reality” is certainly not new.

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