Odd partnership: Ties warm between India and North Korea

South Korean media reports said North Korean soldiers had fired at a Chinese vehicle.


Joo Won-moon, the 21-year-old NYU student and South Korean national who illegally crossed the Chinese border into North Korea in April-in hopes of improving the North’s relations with the South-made a 30 minute media appearance in Pyongyang this morning.

In a way, one can not blame North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Her husband is a doctor and the family recently received a new, larger apartment from the government.

North Korea views a long-range rocket and nuclear tests as a set”. She fell ill in 2011 with liver disease, and traveled to stay with her cousin in neighboring China, in order to seek better treatment.

However, the European Alliance for Human Rights in North Korea (EAHRNK) has said that it is sceptical about the defector’s plea to return. She assumed it would be free of charge, as it is in North Korea, where the state covers most expenses including housing, healthcare, and higher education. Before long, Kim found herself unable to keep up with the steep bills for her treatment.

Meanwhile, her family in Pyongyang is still awaiting her return, and wants her to continue fighting until the very end.

Rhyon Hui told CNN that her choice to leave North Korea had been a “horrible mistake” and that it has led to the “worst situation” of her life.

“I was thinking of recovering completely before returning to my aging parents”. “I hope to be treated generously”. “I couldn’t ask my cousin for money”, she recalled.

Kim was taken with a group of other defectors to South Korea, but even before she got there, she says she was having second thoughts.

President Park Geun-hye says North Korea will pay a price if it goes ahead with provocative actions that violate UN Security Council resolutions.

“I told them that I didn’t know this so I wanted to escape”.

Senior defence officials who attended the two-day Korea-US Integrated Defence Dialogue vowed to closely co-ordinate with each other against “potential provocations by the North”, Seoul’s defence ministry said in a statement.

“The US and South Korean officials also reaffirmed their stance that any missile launch by the North using ballistic missile technology would be a violation of many UN Security Council resolutions”, the statement said. But rather than banishing spies, South Korea instead imprisons them.


Glendinning said that the North Korean government uses these tactics fairly regularly by parading the defectors on television or sometimes using “much more direct methods”.

Ri Su Yong Sushma Swaraj