Ohio ballot board OKs language for amendment to tighten term limits

Early voting begins October . 6. Voters will decide the issue in the November 3 election.


The state’s Ballot Board met Friday to rewrite the pot proposal’s ballot wording after the state Supreme Court ruled it was misleading.

The panel made quick work of its review September 18, with a short presentation by legal counsel for the amendment’s proponents and only one question from board members (Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted confirmed the language would not apply retroactively).

On Wednesday, the high court ordered the Ohio Ballot Board to reconvene and replace four paragraphs about certain requirements for marijuana retailers, the amount of marijuana a person can grow and transport, and the potential for additional growing facilities. Although only people older than 21 would be allowed to buy it, he said he has concerns kids will want to try baked goods and candy laced with marijuana.

After weeks of dispute about the phrasing, there were few remarks on the board’s changes.

Members did remove one phrase, however, OK’ing a request from former state Sen.

Attorneys for backers and opponents of Issue 3 said they were satisfied with the revisions and found them accurate. Nina Turner, D-Cleveland, to eliminate a “grandfather clause” reference.

The group behind the issue, Eight is Enough Ohio, next must collect more than 305,000 signatures from registered Ohio voters to qualify for the ballot.

“… This is about making sure that the voters have the ability to know and vote on the legalization of marijuana for compassionate care for the chronically ill and for adults 21 or older”.


“The Tri-County Board of Recovery and Mental Health Services opposes the legalization and commercialization of marijuana for recreational purposes”.

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