Oklahoma delays execution; drug didn’t match protocols

He was first convicted and sentenced to death in 1998.


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A spokesman for Ms Fallin said the state department of corrections reached out immediately to the attorney general’s office once it realised it did not have the proper drugs for the planned execution of Glossip.

In a statement, Fallin said the delay was granted because of “legal questions raised today about Oklahoma’s execution protocols”.

He also had failed to secure a last-minute stay from the high court on Wednesday.

But just two minutes before he was set to be strapped to the gurney, Justice Sotomayor denied the request.

Fallin’s executive order came about an hour later. Pope Francis, an outspoken death penalty opponent, had urged officials to commute her death sentence during his trip to the United States.

Weintz said the department receives its lethal injection drugs on the day of an execution.

The mother-of-three was the first person to be executed in Georgia in 70 years. “Hopefully, the extra time will bring us more witnesses who know Justin Sneed is a liar”. An appeals court stopped the process so that it could consider claims that new evidence showed Glossip to be innocent. Oklahoma has never used the drug in executions, nor is it known to be an appropriate substitute for potassium chloride – the third in Oklahoma’s official three-drug protocol. Then, if you think Glossip should get another chance at life and possibly justice, click the red button to check out’s petition to halt his execution. “That man kept me out of trouble and kept my mind straight”, he said.

DOC Director Robert Patton did not take questions from reporters covering the scheduled execution at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester. “They wouldn’t tell me anything”. This is the second time Glossip has been served his last meal, after a previous eleventh hour reprieve on September 16.

Glossip’s attorneys argued in a brief Wednesday morning that too much doubt exists for Glossip’s execution to go forward.

Oklahoma governor Fallin, despite the Pope’s objections and those of so many other supporters who want to give Glossip’s side the chance to to try to exonerate him with new evidence, had so far refused all entreaties to save Glossip. The court later declined to hold a hearing in Glossip’s case, so he asked the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene. “If people feared the reproductions of their actions, they would presumably take different actions”, he added.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin issued a stay on Wednesday afternoon as Richard Glossip was scheduled to face the death penalty. Prosecutors allege Glossip masterminded the killing at the motel in Oklahoma City because he was afraid Van Treese was about to fire him for embezzling money and poorly managing the inn. The statement contradicts the prosecution theory that Sneed was Glossip’s hapless victim who was led astray.

It was unclear if the pontiff’s request would have any effect on Glossip’s situation.

Glossip’s execution already had been delayed Wednesday as the Corrections Department waited for the U.S. Supreme Court to weigh in on Glossip’s claim of innocence.

In 1997, Van Treese, owner of the Best Budget Inn, was bludgeoned to death by Sneed.


July 17, 2001 – The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals overturns Glossip’s conviction, saying evidence to support Sneed’s testimony was “extremely weak”, Glossip’s lawyer was ineffective and jurors appeared to have consulted a Bible during deliberations, contrary to proper court procedures.

Execution would be Oklahoma's first since ruling on drugs