Old man attacked on the prankster with stun gun for prank

Two prankster decided to prank an old man who they claimed – insulted them, but everything goes wrong when the old man attacked on the prankster with stun gun.


According to the video, uploaded few days ago on YouTube, showing two pranksters, Erik Meldik and Cenek Styblo, planning to prank an old man with a fake poo on his Lamborghini, because he insulted them.

One of the prankster went to the super car and attached the fake poo on its bonnet whereas the other one was capturing the scenes.

When the old man arrived, he left with shock after seeing the poo on his car.

He then immediately took the stun gun out from his right pocket and fired on him, which made him semi paralyzed because of the shock.

The other prankster rushed to the scene by saying ‘it was a prank, it was a prank’. But it was too late my friend.


And the prank goes incredibly wrong