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Shockingly, nobody else on the panel called her on it, as Whoopi Goldberg went on to suggest the “Girls” star brought a few of the negative comments on herself. That’s fine; don’t agree with me.


The other “View” panelists didn’t directly address Bure’s polarizing comment.

‘The minute you put yourself out there in someone’s underwear, you can’t be surprised, ‘ Goldberg said.

“At the same time, people on Twitter need to keep their mouths respectful”, Raven-Symone countered, “because they come hard at people”.

Bure has not yet publicly addressed the hubbub over her controversial comments, and did not appear on Thursday’s episode of “The View”. “You don’t have to verbally abuse me and rape me”, she said. “That’s what they do to me on Twitter”.

The daytime talk show hosts were discussing actress Lena Dunham’s decision to hand over control of her Twitter account during the Hot Topics segment.

You can see this segment of the show in the video below. “Please tag The View on your social media outlets if you have anything kind to say about me or my viewpoint”, she wrote.

“Literally teared up! Can’t believe how much I love this!!! It’s incredibly disheartening to read”, she revealed.

While the studio audience applauded her words, it seems that Bure’s honest message has struck a chord on social media as well, perhaps because it seems to truly come straight from the heart.


In Fuller House, the adventures that began in 1987 on Full House continue, with veterinarian D.J. Tanner-Fuller (Cameron-Bure) pregnant and recently widowed, living in San Francisco.

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