One Direction Not Splitting, Says Niall Horan

A member pop phenomenon One Direction has denied reports the band is to split, saying instead the group is to take a “break” in 2016.


“Don’t worry though, we still have lots we want to achieve!” he continued.

This whole situation reminds us of the Spice Girls.

It’s been a wild year for One Direction and their fans. Let’s hope it’s not the case!

This means that the band won’t tour their fifth studio album, which is expected to be released later this year.

2015 has certainly been full of surprises for the band: in March Zayn Malik quit to focus on a solo career and last month it was revealed Louis is expecting a baby with his friend Briana Jungwirth.

The decision to split up, as announced after 1D released their newest video “Drag Me Down, has nothing to do with Zayn Malik’s leaving earlier this year and has even been thought of before Malik left the group”.

“Ok so Lots of rumours going round”, he wrote. His bandmate Louis Tomlinson similarly said in his own tweet, “Your support is truly indescribable! It’s just a break we’re not going anywhere!!” One Direction is expected to still work together until February so they can fulfill their record label commitments. Should the boys go on break in 2016, it’s unlikely they’ll have an accompanying concert series for their new LP, as the offering is said to be reaching shelves around Christmas time.

Source told E! News that the boys love working together, they envision a future together but with the freedom to do other things as well.

Therefore, it’s only natural that reports have surfaced that Harry Styles is on the verge of signing a mega-bucks solo deal with Sony music.


However, Rolling Stone magazine claims that a spokesperson for the highly-successful band declined to comment. “In fact, the band have been making fantastic music and been incredibly happy without Zayn”, the insider said.