One Direction to ‘take a break for a year’

“But it’s been 5 years non stop, they need a break“.


They will continue to work together and will fulfill their contractual obligation regarding their 5 album, which will also be their first as a 4-piece, after Zayn Malik’s departure.

They added that the hiatus is 100 per cent “not a split” and they will get back together in the future to release further material. However, the E! source maintained that they are “not splitting” up, and “plan to work together in future”.

The “Steal My Girl” hitmakers intend to release their latest album in time for Christmas and will fulfill the remainder of their promotional commitments for record label Syco in February.

News of the group’s decision emerged late on Sunday night.

Apparently the decision was made in London last weekend – although a spokesman for the band said: “We don’t comment on speculation”.

Apparently there’s “a lot of interest” in Harry Styles from Hollywood and Louis Tomlinson is “very much in contention to be a judge on The X Factor“, according to The Sun’s source.

It seems that Payne may want to fine-tune his songwriting, producing and DJ skills rather than a solo career, according to the report. “This is an exciting time for them creatively and as a group”.

The breakup is being characterized as a hiatus that will allow the band’s members to focus on solo projects, rather than a permanent breakup.

Holden laughed, before saying, “I just think it would have been better…”

Just a few weeks ago, Liam Payne insisted the group desperately needs some time out. While social media has ensured they can send overseas hormones racing with one twitch of an emoticon, it’s jumping on a plane and singing to crowds in Japan, Jakarta, Johannesburg, where they convert this affection into hard cash.


One Direction have shifted an impressive 50 million albums, scored a stunning 91 number one singles around the globe.

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