Oregon shooter rants in writings about having no girlfriend

PeaceHealth Medical Center in Springfield said Monday that one patient remains in critical condition and the other two are in fair condition.


Anastasia Boylan, 18, was shot in the back by the twisted killer Chris Harper-Mercer but survived the ordeal by staying motionless on the floor.

Harper-Mercer had reportedly handed an envelope to one of the male students in class. The student, whose life was deliberately spared, turned over the envelope to authorities immediately afterward.

Biology professor Ken Carloni was sitting in his office in the science building next door when a colleague entered with a startled groundskeeper who said there was a shooting.

Lacey Scroggins told her father the gunman stepped over her and shot someone else.

So the president’s “common-sense gun regulations” – strengthening enforcement of restrictions already on the book, making databases more complete or requiring background checks for private guns transfers and sales by federally licensed firearm dealers – would change the landscape very little. The massacre ended with Harper-Mercer taking his own life. His 26-year-old son had been living in Oregon. Over the weekend he said he had no idea his son had any guns.

During his interview, Ian Mercer appeared to walk back his statement that guns were to blame, but only briefly.

The father says there is talk about gun control after shootings such as the one in Oregon but nothing is done.

The family of the gunman who killed nine people at an Oregon community college says they are “shocked and deeply saddened” by the slayings.

Investigators have not yet said whether they suspect a motive in last Thursday’s shooting rampage, where Harper-Mercer killed eight students and a teacher before killing himself. However they released a timeline that shows police arrived at the scene six minutes after the first 911 call and exchanged gunfire with the shooter two minutes later.

Schlesinger also spoke about trying to make sense of survivor reports that the gunman asked who was Christian and then shot them.

That’s the name Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin refused to utter during his several press conferences and a name he vowed never to mention.

Besides the nine people who died, nine others were wounded, three of them critically.

The official did not reveal the contents of the document but described it as an effort to leave a message for law enforcement.

The official said the document was left at the scene of Thursday’s shooting but wouldn’t specify how authorities obtained it.

President Obama will meet with the families of those killed and injured when a man opened fire at a community college in Oregon.


“The next time you have an opportunity to sponsor or vote on common-sense gun legislation, instead of fearing the attack ads the gun lobby will undoubtedly launch against you, the lost campaign revenue, or the threat to your job, I hope that you think of me and my students, of the rest of the educators and students across the country, who have been asked to stand up to gunmen because you are too scared to stand up to a handful of lobbyists”. He killed himself after a shootout with police.

Chris Harper Mercer took his own life police say