Oscar Pistorius’ Early Release From Prison Blocked

He was sentenced to five years behind bars last year, of which he has now served 10 months.


As well as being wrong — Pistorius was convicted of manslaughter, not murder in Reeva Steenkamp’s killing — they show the public outcry and political pressure that South African authorities face in Pistorius’ case, specifically whether the former star athlete should be released early from prison. He told prison guards he was looking forward to seeing his family ahead of his expected release on parole today.

The group especially criticized Pistorius’ release during August, which is women’s month in South Africa and a time when issues including violence against women are highlighted.

A prison review board now has up to four months to decide whether Oscar Pistorius will be released into house arrest, a spokesman for South Africa’s justice ministry said.

Murasiet Mentoor, the regional manager of the Judicial Inspectorate who reviews prisoner complaints, said: “Oscar was anxious that the food in the prison might be poisoned and that it would affect his health”.

The double-amputee Olympic runner’s wealth and fame was an advantage, allowing him to employ a high-powered legal team.

Mr Mentoor added: “If you are a high-profile inmate, you are at risk because the other inmates and the gangsters within the correctional services will target you”. “And they replaced his bed for him”.

Michael Masutha, the justice minister, said Pistorius should only have been considered for parole on Friday.

Prosecutors filed an appeal this week asking for the verdict of culpable homicide, equivalent to manslaughter, changed to murder because they argue Pistorius must have known when he fired that the person behind the door could be killed.

Anonymous family source told Reuters news agency that they were shocked at the decision of Musatha, as the family had planned a low key welcome for Pistorius.


Still, despite being approved in the same way as numerous 15,000 offenders released under correctional supervision past year, Pistorius must wait in jail for a new hearing.

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