Outerknown launch T’s and water bottles in support of gun control

Gun control is on a par with the economy as a top issue that will motivate USA voters in November, the poll found.


Thanks to the NRA, the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty was defeated, opening the way for the sell weapons to countries with major human-rights abuses.

A majority of Democrats and Republican voters support stricter gun laws, including 91 percent on both sides who say anyone with a history of mental illness should be banned from owning a gun.

Citigroup CEO Michael Corbat told The New York Times on Thursday that he was “an avid outdoorsman and responsible gun owner”, and he knew that “some will find our policy too strict, while others will find it too lenient”.

After the meeting, Bondi said she did not agree with placing any of the restrictions in the constitution because the Legislature had already acted.

Many people who oppose gun control said they still felt that increased measures will be used infringe on their Second Amendment rights. “I don’t want to seem like that guy, but me being a minority in the south and having a teacher have a gun, regardless of color, does not make me feel comfortable”. But what about those 17 people, their parents, their loved ones?

When children are being murdered in schools, something needs to change.

As the debate on gun control takes center stage again Friday, organizers from two separate movements plan on marching over the weekend.

For the countless students and families whose lives have been shattered by gun violence, and for those who live in fear that their school or their community could be next, Saturday’s march is just the beginning.

Hiram Johnson High School in Sacramento Unified School District participated in the walkout by allowing students to use the walkout “as an opportunity to be given a voice; to empower the students”, according to Barbara Tigert, who teaches English at the high school.

“I know Trump would do it”, Clark said, praising the Republican president.

If we can all put our country first, the NRA has no options.

A slew of American celebrities have pledged US$500,000 (RM1.95 million) donations to support tomorrow’s march.

Some said it’s equally important to have a rally in Canada.

“We can’t overlook security, so I think not, arming teachers, that would be a bad idea, that would probably be an impediment”, said Lamb, who now resides in Sarasota, Florida.


It didn’t take long for the gun grab to organize after the tragic shooting in Florida. Never mind that conversation mimics liberal talking points: universal background checks (aka gun registration) even though we already have background checks even at gun shows, an assault weapons (whatever that is) ban even though the Clinton-era ban had no discernible effect, and no more bump stocks which make semi-automatic guns fire nearly automatically (but can be made at home).

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