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Chip in to keep stories like these coming. The candidate was forced to resign, and NDP leader Thomas Mulcair has since implemented a crackdown in candidates making any criticisms towards Israel.


On that basis, Harper’s Conservatives blocked in 2010 a takeover bid by BHP Billiton Plc for Potash Corp of Saskatchewan Inc.

We’re talking about Trudeau’s emotional tribute to his late father.

[Bill-C51 is the government’s anti-terrorism legislation.

Harper’s repeated invocation of headline-hunting opposition parties earned a stern rebuke from Mulcair.

“It is disrespectful to Canadians and to Canadian values”.

Trudeau wasn’t the only leader playing to the bleachers.

That is the role Canadians would expect Canada to explore. That self-selected assemblage was hardly a representative group. – Trudeau on Trans-Pacific Partnership talks.

Mulcair’s platform makes him the most appealing choice for young voters in the upcoming federal election. The CMA has also welcomed Mulcair’s plan.

The strategy appears to be working for Harper, whose party is now the most popular of the big three and rising, according to recent polls.

“We understand that there will be times when we have to, either under the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation charter or under our worldwide obligations at the United Nations, to use force and we won’t shy away from that”.

Harper futher charged Trudeau and NDP’s Tom Mulcair as being soft on security. Progressives in Canada are against C-51.

The pundits nearly universally gave high marks to Trudeau for his confident and assertive performance.

Harper defended C-24, his government’s controversial bill allowing Canadians with dual citizenship to be stripped of their Canadian citizenship if convicted of terror offences.

Taking on that issue was gutsy for Trudeau, given that there is little public sympathy for convicted terrorists. Ideologically, they aren’t too far apart. But it is in line with the NDP’s official policy book. The leftist New Democrats are at 26.9. percent.

Mr. Harper continued to suggest that Syrian refugees are fleeing the ISIS-dominated “terrorist-conflict zone”.

In just over two weeks Canada will have chosen its leaders for the next federal term.

This was glaringly obvious on C-51. A few NDP supporters will never vote Liberal and vice versa. He compensated with an excess of bombast.

Lynton Crosby, on the other hand, has had an vast influence.

Well, I frankly haven’t read anything written by Bob Rae since he left political life, but I can honestly tell you that the War Measures Act was one of the worst attacks on human rights in Canadian history.

As is usual, the upcoming election is about hundreds of issues and the views and policies of no single party or leader will perfectly align with individual voters.

It is true, several debate topics got short shrift.

As they criss-cross the country, politicians are bound to play up their connection to whatever area they visit.

“All refugee claimants”, he added, “lost coverage for medication, vision and dental care, and for prostheses necessary for amputated limbs”. The Nunavut Climate Change Centre has collected observations from elders, hunters and community members on the changes to the land.

“This is a social and economic crisis that is ravaging our future generations”. As per form, we picked one statement per leader to debunk. I recall predicting last week that the leaders would stay in central Canada after Monday’s Toronto debate and before Friday’s Montreal debate. “We should not be involved in the combat mission”, he said.

Flanked by a multicultural assortment of health care practitioners and seniors, Trudeau also promised to reduce the cost of prescription medications and increase the availability of mental health services.

Meanwhile the Liberals and NDP continue to slag one another.

So Harper also took the opportunity to remind Chinese voters of the Liberal record, starting with the imposition of the head tax, to immigration backlogs and all the way up to the current Liberal party’s approach to the legalization of marijuana. I could go on, but you get the point. We are pushing that to the core, so Canadians can feel reassured. He astutely cited the last year’s brass band announcement of an agreement between the USA and China – neither of them signatories to Kyoto – as support for his position. The second most active moment was during a discussion of Russian President Vladimir Putin.


There have been stories to the effect that Canadian corporations have lobbied the Harper government to leave the two powerful oligarchs off the sanctions list.

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