Pa. Congressman takes pope’s glass, drinks from it

A U.S. politician has admitted to taking a glass of water that touched the lips of Pope Francis and swilling the leftover liquid with family and colleagues.


Pope Francis drinks a glass of water while addressing Congress on Thursday. Congressman Bob Brady clearly has an answer, because he pilfered the Pontiff’s glass.

He also shared some of the water with members of his staff and assistant, also a devout Catholic.

Did you get to see the Pope while he was in town? Brady claims he had both glasses dusted for fingerprints under the assumption that this might somehow prove he had actually taken the water glasses of his two famous idols.

The congressman stated he additionally invited fellow Catholic and Democrat D.J. Sen. Brady is keeping it in a brown paper bag.

After reimbursing Capitol Hill property for the cost of the tumbler, he said he plans to keep the pope’s glass in a cabinet at home, next to Obama’s.

“They’re pretty busy right now”, he said.

“Anything the pope touches becomes blessed”, he told the Post. Unless he goes through the ritual of actually blessing the water, technically speaking, it would be as ordinary as tap water.

The Pope had sipped from the glass three times during his speech. He did the same thing after President Obama’s first inaugural address.


Brady’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider. He might want to irrigate his lawn and make that “holy” too.

24 2015 U.S. Rep. Bob Brady D-Pa. drinks from a glass of water that Pope Francis used during his speech to Congress while standing in Brady's Washington office. As Pope Francis left the chamber Thursday Brady