Pakistan minister Sartaj Aziz says Afghanistan government, Taliban negotiators

Siti Hajjar said United Nations, the Security Council and the rest of the worldwide community should continue to lend support, encouragement and assistance to Afghanistan through reconstruction and redevelopment efforts for rebuilding the country. They are all based in Pakistan.


The Pentagon touted today’s capture as a major victory for the Afghan military, and proof of their capability to handle the Taliban more or less on their own. According to discussions with Afghan intelligence officials and Taliban sources, the group has control over vast manpower and finances. Sadly, the Pakistan government has not delivered on this promise yet.

It also said that while operations carried out military and security forces of Pakistan disrupted the actions of many militant costumes in the country, groups like the Afghan Taliban, the Haqqani Network and Lashkar-e-Taiba were spared by the offensive.

However, the exact schedule and the location of the proposed meeting between Afghan government and Taliban have not yet been revealed. Their attack on the parliament in Kabul proved pretty well successful. The Afghan Taliban claimed responsibility for Monday’s attack, saying the attack coincided with the vote endorsing a new defense minister Massoom Stanekzai.

“The estimation is there may be between hundreds, or thousands of people who operate in Afghanistan under the black flag of ISIS”, he said, adding that those included include some more extreme Taliban elements who have aligned themselves to ISIS. Earlier this year while under pressure to either enter negotiations with Kabul or leave Pakistan, the Taliban reportedly decided to leave. American analysts say that Islamic State in Afghanistan is just starting to get organized in Afghanistan.

Pakistan‘s Foreign Office condemned the attack that happened in the heart of Afghan capital and reaffirmed the government of Pakistan‘s resolve to fight terrorism in close co-ordination with the government of Afghanistan.

Taliban militants have yet to make comment on the situation in the said districts. The fighters come from Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan.

But the gun battle left two civilians dead, the Associated Press reported. When he applied to be reassigned to Kabul six years ago, it was at the urging of his family, who anxious about his safety, he said. He said that the fighters had killed a person in a neighboring village and dragged the body behind a motorcycle. The source explained the Taliban are concerned that if they are seen as confined to the south and east this might eventually split the country in the long run.

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