Palestinian shot after stabbing Israeli in Jerusalem

“In recent days we have seen an increase in violence“.


The German government also warns that another armed struggle could be on the horizon.

The Israeli military says it has recovered an assault rifle believed to have been used by Palestinian militants in the shooting attack that killed an Israeli settler couple in the West Bank last week. “What is certain is that these appear unusual and risky times”.

Ban anxious about fighting “spiraling out of control”.

“We are acting with a strong hand against terrorism and against inciters”.

So far, two Palestinian youths, aged 13 and 18, have been killed by Israeli forces in the last 24 hours, with another in a critical condition after clashes in East Jerusalem. Anyone of the Jewish faith can become an Israeli citizen, while Palestinians are restricted from going back to their ancestors’ homes in present day Israel.

The militants had carried out attacks on Israelis in 2014 and had all been shot dead by Israeli security forces.

Hatem Abdul Qader, a Jerusalem official for the governing Palestinian party Fatah, told Palestine TV said, “What’s happening today is a renewal of Israeli arrogance and recklessness”. His Facebook profile read: “The third intifada [uprising] has begun”.

Hundreds of Palestinians have been injured during riots and in clashes with Israeli security services, according to Palestinian reports.

Israeli police said a crowd of demonstrators in Jaffa, a largely Arab area of Tel Aviv, clashed with police Tuesday night, throwing rocks at cars and police officers, injuring two officers.

A new Intifada would further complicate efforts by world leaders to resolve conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, and there is little appetite to re-engage in peace efforts between Israel and the Palestinians after many failures in the past.

Israel has imposed sweeping restrictions on entries into al-Aqsa Mosque compound since August 26.

The homes of two Palestinians allegedly responsible for the 2014 attacks were demolished and a third was bricked up within the framework of the extraordinary repressive measures undertaken to tackle the current wave of extreme violence.

The move was imposed after a series of Palestinian attacks. “All these things become like an avalanche where you get people angry and mad”.

Israeli soldiers patrol a street during an Israeli military raid in… We have brought an additional four Israel Defense Forces (IDF) battalions, and thousands of police into Jerusalem. They then kidnapped an injured Palestinian from inside the ambulance, firing tear gas grenades and rubber bullets at it.

The security officials insist there were no injuries, but photographs appear to confirm Palestinian accounts that several people were wounded.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called for worldwide protection of the Palestinian state.


Clashes erupted three weeks ago, at the start of the Jewish New Year and grew more violent.

A Palestinian inspects the home of the Abu Jaber family that was demolished by the Israeli military in east Jerusalem Tuesday Oct. 6 2015. The Israeli military on Tuesday demolished homes of two Palestinian militants in east Jerusalem one of which bel