Palm Beach asks court to settle charter school tussle

House Democrats are also concerned that the pressure Republicans are receiving from charter school officials – many of whom have donated to Republican campaigns in the past – will cause special interest carve outs, breaks and grandfather clauses in order to further delay reform.


The news comes after charter schools, school choice advocates and two USA congressmen complained that charter schools had been treated unfairly by the IDOE in this year’s distribution of Title I money. The state board’s ruling ordered Englewood and academy representatives to hold negotiations in an effort to resolve their differences on a number of issues.

There’s another important principle at stake: Washington state has both a moral and a legal obligation to provide all students a quality public school education, regardless of their ZIP Code.

In August, Fort Smith School District Superintendent Benny Gooden asked the School Board to decide before the end of September if the district will officially oppose the charter school, support it or take no stance. The Supreme Court is fining the legislature $100,000 a day and holding it in contempt for their failure to fully fund our public schools.

The school is one of a handful of charter schools that serve a subset of New York City’s neediest students, often those who are over-age and under-credited, homeless, or in foster care.

“Local taxpayers need protection from the proliferation of charter schools that sap resources and deprive public schools”, Brewster said. A few parents disgruntled with regular public schools can join with others to form charters.

But Guild Charter School did not. Dennis Baughman, CEO, said the school hasn’t run into any problems yet.

Under current law, school districts have pots of funding they don’t have to share with charter schools.

Spokesman Daniel Altman says the agency will ensure the schools receive the money they’re entitled to. Not only does that defy common sense, here in Washington, it’s a violation of the state constitution. But Bess said the school’s students mostly still live within the Indianapolis Public Schools district.

Greg Richmond, head of the National Association of Charter School Authorizers, the main organization for charter school oversight agencies, said he sees a “mismatch” between state laws and the reality of online schools. They claimed they reviewed the charter laws in more than 40 other states and that Initiative 1240 reflected the best language from each.

Charter school organizers also refused to name teachers who were interested in the program, Howie said.

More than a thousand educators have signed an online petition asking Ferguson to drop his motion for reconsideration. “Our problem is it follows the child and the money goes out of the Elkin City Schools district”.

In Tacoma, where I teach, three new charter schools just opened. In the Hilltop neighborhood, Bryant K-8 Montessori draws students from all over. “At the federal level, we don’t have a whole lot of leverage”. Washington’s Teacher of the Year teaches at Lincoln High School, where students benefit from an extended day and other additional help.


UFT President Michael Mulgrew said: “So much for the equal access that charters keep boasting about”.

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