Palmer plays down Goodes booing row

“It wasn’t as much problem thus”.


“I don’t really have an opinion on what should happen to him”, he said.

The other reason put forward for the incessant heckling directed towards Goodes is his highlighting of indigenous issues and speaking out about racism in his 2014 Australian of the Year acceptance speech.

“It’s an Indigenous Round and I’m proud to be Aboriginal”, he told Channel Seven.

The discussion appeared to be reignited immediately after Goodes” lucayan associate, Lewis Jetta, re-enacted Goodes’ locals “war dance’ to actually rebuke West Coast people for his or her steady booing of this very Swans’ superstar on Sunday.

This is what James Packer said: “To hear people booing him is something that I’m ashamed of as an Australian”. I’m reminded of one’s superb Muhammad Ali in 1962, if he reputedly walked… In the Goodes case, it is a particularly clumsy and ridiculous form of denialism.

Confronting this mentality is difficult-its perpetrators hide behind weasel words and declarations of innocent intent (screaming “get back to the zoo” at an Aboriginal player is not, apparently, intended to be racist).

The idea has already gained considerable support including from the game’s top Aboriginal official, ARL Indigenous Council chair Linda Burney, who told News Ltd on Wednesday the booing was racist.

Also showing their support while wearing their Dreamtime guernseys last night, the Richmond Tigers displayed a bold banner to rally behind Goodes.

Zed further said that Australia should bestow constitutional recognition to nation’s indigenous people, which was long overdue as it should have been done when the constitution was originally framed.

Both co-captains and Longmire felt Goodes would probably resume playing, perhaps as soon as the following week against Geelong, rather than retire.

While a few, such as former Brisbane Lions star Jason Akermanis, have crudely suggested that Goodes is playing the “victim card” and should essentially man up and take it on the chin, the majority, including NSW Premier Mike Baird, are backing Goodes, and calling for the abuse to stop. “Adam Goodes has been booed relentlessly because he’s Aboriginal and because he’s had the courage to stand and speak about matters close to his heart”, he added, comparing the player to American 1960s civil rights icon Rosa Parks. “I implore all clubs to stop this nonsense”. “Sydney played Carlton… We were surrounded by Indigenous leaders and football notables at the SCG so when Goodes did his “war dance” all I thought of was the spirit of the Indigenous round”.

Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane disagrees.

“Some disgraceful media commentary from people of some profile, either seeking ratings or relevance, have taken the contrary view for its sake, even if the contrary argument is hopelessly outdated and flawed”.

Brisbane Lions Senior Coach Justin Leppitsch has one simple solution to the ongoing booing of Adam Goodes.


The Swans will be hoping it’s the former but there are observers in the football world who strongly believe last year’s grand finalists are on downward slop.

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