Parasites are Necessary for the Emergence of New Species

Everybody hates parasites and you could be one of them. People tend to see the bad side of having the existence of parasites in this world. What they don’t know is that, parasites are not at all bad. It exists because it has some notable benefits not only for the humans but for other species in this world as well. These parasites simply get a very bad rap. By definition, parasites are forming a certain relationship, which is characterized by both of exploitation and dependence.



Fish ParasiteSome people think that these parasites could always cause serious problems to their health, make them malnourished or worse, parasites could cause people to become zombies, just like what they may have seen on the movies. Well, you also need to open your eyes to the good things that these parasites can do, most especially for the new species. You should know that parasites aren’t always that bad. As a matter of fact, some of them could be totally beneficial to humans and with other living creatures as well. Centuries ago, the doctors in Egypt simply thought that leeches could actually cure wide array of ailments. It could be from headaches up to a more severe one like flatulence. Such news could have been driving you out of your mind now, but until now, leeches are used to help reattaching the severed fingers and treat problems like circulation disorders. Well, even some of the Hollywood stars are using leech therapy. Demi Moore has been one of those shining stars who stated that leech therapy could help her to look younger. So, if you have been one of those people who are looking for a cutting edge, natural, chemical and painless kind of way to look younger and younger, why consider getting to this kind of therapy, which uses a “parasite”?


Starting off from the days of ancient Egypt, people have already learned more about these parasites and how necessary they are for the emergence of new species. As much as you hate to admit it, these parasites are just as essential to the natural order of things, as any other living creatures. Some of the scientists have even posited that removing these parasites from the modern living that people have these days could surely have some serious consequences on the health of every human. Some people have been interested about turning up the tables on these parasites and getting them to heal themselves. As people get much better understanding about these species, one could use them in farming as well as with other applications.


You know that you would always go for cleaner and of course, sanitized way of living. No one is stopping you and youParasites can always do what you please. However, you must never limit yourself about knowing other things. If you give yourself a much better knowledge about how these parasites are necessary for the emergence of new species in the world, you would also know how important they are for your living.