Paul Ryan Presses Obama Not To Lift Punitive Tax Penalties in Iran

“Assuming that Iran honors the nuclear deal, and it’s properly verified, I think there will be growing potential to do business with Iran“, the FT quoted finance minister Osborne as saying.


Any stop-gap funding bill should use “the power of the purse to force this administration to hand over the Iranian side deals”, Cruz told reporters at the U.S. Capitol. They knew with 100 percent certainty that the United States had to honor this deal that keeps Iran from getting nuclear weapons and prevents war.

With polls showing that public support for the Iran agreement is as low as 21 percent, Senate Republicans can quote Harry Reid’s arguments for invoking the “nuclear option” for confirming judges last session: surely having the Senate cast a vote on this treaty is way more important than confirming judges? The number declined through the 1980s and 1990s to a low of 1,660 before beginning to rise again – this despite the additional hurdles Iranian students face in obtaining visas to come to the USA (for one thing, they have to leave the country to apply, as there is no US embassy or consulate in Iran).

“We will not allow USA economic, political nor cultural interference in Iran, and we will repudiate their efforts with everything we’ve got”, he said, adding that Iran will not permit USA influence over the region either.

The sanctions imposed on Iran in 2012 have choked Tehran’s oil production.

Refugees by the thousands are fleeing the swelling carnage in Syria, a bloodbath compounded by Obama’s repeated capitulation to the country’s ruthless butcher, President Bashar Al-Assad.

Sabotaging Iran’s nuclear program will be a lot more hard as well, since as part of the deal the West will train Iran on how to protect its nuclear sites against sabotage. There will be little incentive for Iran to abide by the agreement if sanctions have already unravelled and once trade ties have become well-established.

INSKEEP:…Meaning that the current elite stays in charge of the country. For decades, the Iranians have expressed their hate for not only Western civilization – particularly the USA and Israel – but also Christians and Jews. We will call one possibility the Brinksmanship Scenario. We must now use the imminent passage of the nuclear pact to renew America’s unique commitment to the ideal of democracy and human rights in Iran and stand with the Iranian people and not their oppressors.

INSKEEP: Will a different Iranian foreign policy emerge? Sure. Will more American tourists – not in great numbers, but in modest numbers – visit Iran? Yes.

“I was given a tour by a docent, who is with one of the branches of the Revolutionary Guards”.

“As a member of Congress, I would certainly want the opportunity to review every bit of information”, Cain says.

Unfortunately, the strict and enduring guidelines for which we advocated quickly began to deteriorate from the negotiations.


But while the interest is rife, most deals are still off limits since the most punishing sanctions on Iran’s banking and oil sectors remain in effect. “It’s the beginning of a healing process”. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen soon and that it’s not going to be fitful. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s aggressive statements regarding Israel and the United States are signals that Iran’s supreme religious leader fears his power is slipping; abrasive comments in the style of North Korea’s Kim regime are generally signs of weakness, rather than strength. “The revolutionary philosophy hasn’t changed, but there is an opening – and it is just that”.

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