‘Pearl Harbor’ trends on Twitter after U.S. soccer victory over Japan

The United States won 5-2.


Sunday’s World Cup victory in Vancouver, British Columbia was the first for the USA women since 1999 and avenged Japan’s triumph over the Americans in the 2011 championship match.

Carli Lloyd netted a sensational hat-trick, with the third of her goals finding the net with an audacious lob from the half-way line.

While other users were showing there anger by linking it to the atomic bombing on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, said “Someone forgot to tell U.S. Women s team that we our self’s provoked Pearl Harbor”.

But many hit back about the taste of the comments, saying that a Women’s World Cup football match should not have reference to those historical events.

But as the goals flew in and Carli Lloyd $10 bills flooded social media, hundreds, if not thousands, of people busied themselves making inane references to the win being “revenge” for the tragedy, making Pearl Harbor trend on Twitter.


Topsy, the analytics tool, shows that “Pearl Harbor” was tweeted more than 50,000, but a quick glance down the list of tweets shows that a greater proportion of people seemed to be despairing that the phrase itself was trending – rather than joining in the xenophobic fun. “Hiroshima isn’t amusing. Nagasaki isn’t amusing”. They are not something to be celebrated during a soccer match. “Why can’t we all just watch the game and cheer?”

Americans call World Cup victory over Japan “revenge for Pearl Harbor”. Nagasaki