Pebble Time Firmware 3.2 Update Released

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After only hitting retail stores earlier this week, Pebble is wasting on time in pushing out an update to the Pebble TIme that brings a few of their most user requested features to the smartwatch.

New Backlight settings: Adjust intensity and time-out duration.

The new Pebble Time Firmware 3.2 brings a range of new feature, settings and performance improvements to the device, you can see more details on what is included in the update below. The other major change is that the watch’s backlight can now be controlled. Among the additions here is better support for a variety of music apps, including Spotify and Songza, allowing the Pebble Time to better display track meta data when syncing with those apps.

NEW: Search bar to find saved apps and watchfaces in your My Pebble menu.

The Time’s Android app is also getting updated. Now there’s a vibration setting that’s less intense when notifying of incoming messages, calls, and other alerts.

The new “Dismiss all” action added to the notification setting will dismiss all notifications received through your watch.

Bug fixes and stability improvements.

IMPROVED: Support for setting up long canned replies to notifications.

If you don’t have the right version of Pebble’s Android app, you can get it from the Google Store right now, right here.

To update the operating system on a Pebble Time watch, launch the Pebble Time app, then select “Menu“, then “Support” and finally “Update Your Pebble“.

Bug fixes and stability improvements

to version 3.1.1.


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Pebble Time 3.2 update