Pelosi and Schumer: What Does Putin Have on Trump? – Cortney O’Brien

Mr. Trump stunned onlookers by repeatedly defending Putin during the press conference from allegations that Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 election and casting doubt on conclusions to that effect made by USA intelligence agencies.


John McCain condemned President Donald Trump’s remarks at a joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on Monday, calling it “one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory”. At a news conference afterward, the American president refused to condemn Putin for Moscow’s interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin vowed a fresh start to troubled relations between the world’s greatest nuclear powers at their first summit yesterday, as the American leader rejected a chance to condemn Moscow’s alleged manipulation of United States elections.

“Missed opportunity by President Trump to firmly hold Russian Federation accountable for 2016 meddling and deliver a strong warning regarding future elections”, Graham tweeted.

He added that Trump had raised the issue of Russian interference in the election, with Trump commenting that he thought “it was best done in person”.

“President Trump mentioned the so-called interference of Russian Federation in the American elections”. Trump appeared to take Putin’s claim that Russian Federation was innocent at face value.

“In the entire history of our country, Americans have never seen a president of the United States support an American adversary the way @realDonaldTrump has supported President Putin”, Schumer said.

At the news conference, Putin was asked whether his government had compromising information on the USA president – a reference to the so-called Steele dossier that contains unverified salacious information about one of Trump’s visits to the country as a businessman.

Jeff Flake, one of Mr. Trump’s most outspoken critics in the GOP, called the press conference “shameful”.

The first time was when he said that the presidents had discussed the situation in Donbas.

Putin again denied that Moscow ever interfered in the 2016 US election and proposed an “expert council” to improve relations between the countries.

Asked by a Reuters journalist whether he did indeed attempt to hold Putin and Russian Federation accountable for anything related to the claims of interference, Trump doubled down on his defence. A few minutes later, he added, “I think this was a very good day for President Putin”.

“Russia and the United States are now facing totally different challenges”.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Standing beside Putin in Helsinki, Finland, Trump declined to criticize Russian Federation for meddling and said he doesn’t see why Russian Federation would have done that. Browder was a driving force behind a US law targeting Russian officials over human rights abuses.


Former CIA Director Thomas Brennan called Trump’s comments treasonous.

Putin doesn’t deny he has compromising info on Trump in bizarre press conference