People Are Tweeting They’d Want Their Deaths Used To Change Gun Laws

President Barack Obama said on Friday (Oct 2) that he has asked his team to look for new ways to enforce existing regulations to keep guns away from criminals in the wake of the mass shooting in Oregon.


Obama was right when he said that Great Britain doesn’t have the scale of gun violence that America does. “It is going to take hard evidence for our policy leaders to make decisions that give our nation a better chance of reducing gun violence“. Huckabee, a Republican, is trailing badly in his party’s primary campaign to succeed Obama, with about 3 percent support on average, according to Real Clear Politics.

Mr. Obama compared their strong feelings about Planned Parenthood to his own feelings about gun safety and immigration and said that he would not hold the debt ceiling hostage over those issues.

A frustrated Obama, noting that he has spoken after more than a dozen deadly massacres, angrily called on voters to demand that Congress and local officials pass tougher gun laws.

Obama said that the shooting in Oregon should be politicized. The reporting has become routine. “My response here at this podium ends up being routine”, said the president, making his 15th statement on a mass shooting since taking office in 2009.

“We’ve become numb to this…”

Tony added that if you’re on a college campus without a way to defend yourself, then shame on you.

It seems the president already had a good idea of what was going to happen next. “Oftentimes, I hear from folks up on Capitol Hill [about] the need for American leadership, the need for America to be No. 1″.

Although Congress passed a temporary budget deal this week, it only sets up another crisis for December, Obama said. In a series of votes, the lawmakers rejected an assault weapons ban and high-capacity ammunition magazines as well as bipartisan background check legislation. There are scores of responsible gun owners in this country.

He said his power is limited and only a change in political sentiment can result in a broader solution. I can guarantee you the vast majority of them will have a D- a capital D next to their name if they are on the ballot.

When asked about former Florida governor Jeb Bush’s comments that “stuff happens” in reference to the Roseburg shooting, Obama said, “I don’t even think I have to react to that one”.

The president issued executive actions aimed at curbing gun violence after the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School that killed 20 schoolchildren. He said he knew his opponents would criticize him for politicizing a tragedy.

“What I worry about is when we get to the point and we say we have to have every gun registered, we have to know where the people are and where their guns are”, he continued.


Sen. Markey said he expects such legislation to be a major issue in the 2016 elections.

People take part in candle light vigil following a mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg Oregon