Phil Spencer Teases The Possibility Of Backwards Compatibility For Original

In fact, with Xbox partnering with PC games, the cross-buy between the two companies only offered marginalized DLC and in-games. Having said that, the backwards compatibility continues to be the greatest feature of Xbox and it is unavailable on Sony’s PlayStation 4.


That meant you could just insert the Xbox originals disc into your Xbox 360 to play the game straight away. For players who purchase and play the game prior to the end of 2015, they’ll be able to download the rest of the Gears of War franchise for free. There were about three dozen of these games, including some big-names titles like Grand Theft Auto III and Max Payne.

However it seems that perhaps in the future, the backwards compatibility could extend to the original Xbox as well. Microsoft sold around 60 million more Xbox 360s than Originals. According to the rumor, the Xbox One Mini would be a much smaller, quieter device (hence the “Mini”) and will be one third the size of the current Xbox One. During this event, they will launch multiple new hardware models, including the Lumia 940, the Lumia 940 XL, a Surface Pro 4, a Band 2, and an all new Xbox One console that will allegedly have a slimmer form factor. The feature will be available to everyone in November of this year. After all there is no point in enabling it if no one or not many gamers take advantage of it, right?


The announcement of the backwards compatibility feature has brought Xbox more popularity than any other gaming consoles, this is why they strive hard to put in more games to Xbox One. These games won’t have upgraded visuals but they will utilize Xbox One features like broadcasting and screenshot capture. Sources confirmed three out of four of the rumored products, but also left room for surprises so the Xbox One Mini isn’t entirely ruled out.

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