Pitbull to Donald Trump: Watch out for El Chapo

He bashed Trump during an acceptance speech for Best Urban Artist at Univision’s Premios Juventud Youth Awards Thursday.


Trump has reportedly called on the FBI to investigate “El Chapo’s” threats after his son wrote in a Twitter rant, “Keep f… around and I’m gonna make you swallow your b…ch words you …” With his latest remarks, Pitbull wanted to strike a little more fear into the redheaded billionaire’s heart.

He is of course referring to Trump’s controversial comments during his speech announcing his presidential bid June 16. He may have a big ego – we’ve all know that for years.

In an interview with Fusion, the Miami-born, Cuban-American hip-hop artist said Trump found a button in immigration in that he sees gets people “mad and hot, and he’s gonna keep pushing it”.

Latino rapper Pitbull took aim at business mogul Donald Trump for his ill-advised remarks on Mexican immigrants in America by declaring the would-be politician had blown his chance of becoming president of the U.S.

Would he stay or play at any of Trump’s hotels or casinos? “Due to what’s been said, I wouldn’t be able to”.


Pitbull also warned Trump to watch his back when it comes to escaped Mexican drug lord “El Chapo”. “I’m a musician. But above all I’m Latino”, Pitbull said. “And this culture is the only reason I’m having this conversation right now”, he said. Since his whereabouts are unknown, Pitbull’s words come as a sign that the drug lord may have something in store for Trump.

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