Planned Parenthood accused of ‘misspending’ on lavish parties, travel

Holding back tears, he raised the hypothetical reallocation of Planned Parenthood money to cancer research instead.


A series of videos that purports to show that Planned Parenthood improperly sells fetal tissue to researchers for profit has reignited anti-abortion voters’ fervor during a turbulent Republican presidential primary campaign.

Conservative Republicans in Congress have threatened to shut down the government in hopes of ending federal support for Planned Parenthood. During a meeting in Congress on September 29, Rep. Gerry Connolly, a Democrat from Virginia, unloaded on Republicans for their opposition to Planned Parenthood, as reported by The Hill.

Stencil says she’s been using Planned Parenthood for a long time and it’s an important service for those who can’t afford healthcare.

Responding to the attacks, the group’s president told the panel that taxpayer money is used to provide sexual disease testing, contraceptives and other health care for women.

Richards said the videos were “deceptively edited” and that threats against doctors who provide abortion and their families have gotten worse since the videos surfaced this summer, Richards said.

The battle over Planned Parenthood’s services spilled to the streets of Mount Auburn Tuesday afternoon. The central issue is a disagreement between parties over the funding of Planned Parenthood.

“250 million federal tax dollars that goes to Planned Parenthood nationwide”, said Genevieve Marnon with Right to Life of Michigan.

The almost four-hour hearing divided the House panel, with Republicans questioning Richards about the group’s funding for abortion services and Medicare reimbursements, and Democrats defending the group and its president. As governor, he regularly vetoed funding for women’s health care in the state budget, citing New Jersey’s fiscal woes.


Richards’ testimony was provided by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, where she was set to appear. H.R. 3495 would give states the freedom to choose whether or not they will accept elective abortion providers in their Medicaid networks.

Congress Planned Parenthood square off over videos funding