Planned Parenthood protests take place in Denver, other cities

(July 31, 2015 – CNN) The group that has released Planned Parenthood videos allegedly showing the illegal sale of fetal tissue plans to release about a dozen total videos with the ultimate goal of seeing the group defunded.


“The after effects (of abortion) are horrifying”, said Teresa Hernandez, 47, of Baybrook, who had one in 1989.

“Today’s nationwide demonstrations… underscore the grassroots opposition to Planned Parenthood“.

“Unlike these protesters, compassion is at the center of what we do, and we will continue to provide care, and a safe, welcoming environment for our patients, no matter what”, he said.

“We know they have cold storage in there so we know they are harvesting babies bodies selling the parts and shipping them away right here in San Antonio”, protester Carol Everett said.

The health care provider says the practice is completely legal.

“Congress has to defund Planned Parenthood“.

It’s part of a national day of action at Planned Parenthood clinics.

So dramatic. I look at all these people, especially the women and wonder, “Can everyone here afford insurance?”

The footage shows two people posing as a tissue procurement company in a meeting with a Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast staff member.

Although Planned Parenthood says it is not doing anything wrong, Republican leaders in the Missouri legislature are investigating to make sure Planned Parenthood is indeed following the law.

Jennifer Howell was one of the coordinators standing on Planned Parenthood’s side. “I believe abortion is just a way that people choose to exercise birth control”, said Linda Cooper.

Planned Parenthood volunteer greeter Kaylee Wolfe said Saturday’s protest used similar rhetoric to ones she has witnessed in the past. She said the group also wants to help support women who are pregnant to dissuade them from choosing abortion.


In last several weeks Planned Parenthood has taken the spotlight, with the latest debate over whether the organization should no longer be federally funded.

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