Planned Parenthood sues Alabama over cut funding

Planned Parenthood, with the American Civil Liberties Union, filed a complaint in a federal district court Friday, saying Bentley can’t legally block Medicaid dollars from its clinics.


Planned Parenthood officials have denied that they sell fetal tissue for profit, which is illegal. “If these folks really think they saw wrongdoing, which so far isn’t even apparent on their heavily edited videos, they should turn everything involving Planned Parenthood over to their state’s attorney general to get to the bottom of it”.

The lawsuit claims the funding cut oversteps the state’s bounds and threatens women’s rights, particularly for women with lower income who are seeking treatment at the facilities.

Bentley on August 6 sent a letter to Planned Parenthood Southeast Inc. notifying them that the agreement would be terminated in 15 days.

Several U.S. states stopped funding Planned Parenthood due to the exposes.

In its statement Planned Parenthood says it will be filing a motion for a preliminary injunction next week seeking an order to protect the services it offers in Alabama.

The issue then was whether the state health department, serving as a pass-through agency for federal Title X family planning funds, had the right to require minors to have parental consent before receiving services from Planned Parenthood.

Sandra Kucharski demonstrates how a late-term abortion is done by using a fetal model of a 26-week-old during the protest of Planned Parenthood and its practice of providing fetal tissue from aborted babies for research.

Bell said their protests had no impact on her opinion “I will stand with Planned Parenthood and I hope they don’t accomplish anything with this”.

Fourth, while Planned Parenthood attempts to downplay its involvement in baby organ harvesting and employs numerous accounting gimmicks in its letter, the evidence Planned Parenthood admits to is that almost 20% of its affiliates, which could amount to over 100 affiliates, have been involved selling murdered babies for parts over the last five years alone.

Planned Parenthood also announced a lawsuit against Louisiana earlier this week.

Earnest said that Planned Parenthood has apologized for some of what was depicted in the recent series of undercover videos, “which was appropriate”, he said. But Republicans have argued that federally supported community health centers could step in to provide the services instead.

Four congressional committees are investigating Planned Parenthood’s practices, and lawmakers unsuccessfully tried to strip the organization of federal funding.


This coalition, headed by Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-SC), provides a solid base of support for defunding Planned Parenthood via a legislative rider this fall.

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