Planning A Prom: How To Do It Right

Prom is often lauded as the most important night for any high-schooler. The dresses, the limo, the food, the location, pictures, they all contribute to a memorable prom experience. For such a big event, It is incredibly important to start early to ensure that this special night runs smoothly. With so many details, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle and forget the big picture of the night. Below are a few details that are important to keep in mind.



Destination is key to crafting an unforgettable night. While many schools choose to hold their proms in a gymnasium or school auditorium, many other event spaces are just as viable, both financially and aesthetically. When picking locations, start early. Many areas have multiple high schools that want to have their proms during the same time period, which will often cause popular spots to fill up. Some schools even book a year in advance! If most of the conventional locations are booked, such as hotel ballrooms and convention centers, look into unique places such as riverboats and outdoor amphitheaters. Many of these places will charge less than regular ballrooms and can make your prom truly special.


Perhaps what ties it all together, the theme establishes the atmosphere for the night and even for the weeks leading up to prom. It also influences everything from your food choices, to the lighting, to the decoration. A good idea would be to order a variety of party decoration catalogs for inspiration. You can then take an idea straight from the catalogs, or create a mashup of a variety of different themes. Being able to see how you can decorate can be easier in the long run because you can then stop stressing about one aspect of prom planning.


There are many options for how to provide music at prom. One of the most common sources is a DJ because they are flexible and can accommodate a variety of different music tastes. Another option is to hire a live band, but that can be expensive and many bands are not very flexible with their music lists and set times. No matter what path you choose though, make sure that the student body has some input on the playlist so that you know you are playing what people want to be played. A good rule of thumb is to have a variety of Top 40 hits on the list with a good variety of dance music and party classics.


Often optional for many proms, but if your school does do either, make sure that they fit the taste of the students that go there. Find something that fits your theme and keep it light. Most people will have eaten before they arrive at prom, but it might be nice to have water and a variety of fruit juices along with some small snacks for students that get hungry during the night.

Prom planning can seem like a big task, but starting early can allow you to plan a truly unforgettable prom.


Evelyn Xue is a profesional blogger for Event Source Solutions. She is currently studying at Stanford University and enjoys spending her free time with friends and family.