Platte River: Hillary’s Server Is OK

Correct the Record, a super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency, said the former secretary of state’s use of a private email server is a non-issue because the private sector does a better job protecting sensitive information than the government.


Clinton, who is running as a Democratic candidate in the 2016 presidential election, recently said using her personal email account while secretary of state was a “mistake”. The server may not be “wiped” as Clinton and her camp has maintained and she has been accused of doing, but the personal emails were deleted, but recoverable. If e-mails are deleted or moved from a server, they appear to no longer exist on the device. “A file wipe completely erases the data from the hard disk”.

“Today’s production exceeds the court’s goal of producing 25 percent of the Clinton email collection by August 31″, Toner said, noting that roughly 150 of the emails contain classified information.

Much of Clinton’s campaign strategy has already been geared toward gaining the Millennial vote, and good news for Hillary, Millennials seem to be on board. “Anyone who attempts to argue that the contents of Hillary Clinton’s email would have been more secure on a government server must contend with these facts”.

She has said that she sent and received about 60,000 emails during her four years in the Obama administration, about half of which were personal and deleted.

“Campaign spokesman Brian Fallon gave a similar answer this month, telling CNN: “I don’t know what ‘wiped” means”. That those emails were not included in the work-related records sent to the State Department by Mrs. Clinton has cast doubts on her truthfulness, and on what else she might have chosen not to include for the public record. According to the company, they have no knowledge that the server was wiped. Mrs. Clinton has agreed to testify before the House committee next month, the FBI is investigating, and the State Department has been ordered by a judge to release to the public more Clinton emails on a regular basis.

The original server remained under Platte River’s control in a secure data center in New Jersey until the company turned it over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation last month. But the company said it looks as if that never happened.

The FBI is examining the security of Clinton’s email setup.

“It seems to me, just observing him, that Governor Walker thinks because he busts unions, starves universities, guts public education, demeans women, scapegoats teachers, nurses and firefighters, he’s some kind of tough guy on his motorcycle”, she said, at moments drowned out by the crowd’s cheers and applause. An FBI spokesman declined to comment on the status of the inquiry.

Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson have called for official review of any of the 30,000-plus emails that might be recovered from the “deleted” archive.

Clinton also took up the issue of police shootings of African-American citizens, mentioning the Dontre Hamilton case in Milwaukee, and framing it as a women’s concern.

She began her speech by talking about traveling to Wisconsin as a young woman and how she admired the natives of the dairy state because of their “can do”, “progressive” and “pioneering” spirit.


But Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, one of a number of conservative-leaning groups suing over the emails, said Friday that the Justice Department “is out to lunch” because the emails on Clinton’s account effectively belonged to the government.

Image Credit Isaac Brekken  Getty Images