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Marcy Kaptur, D-Toledo, and Tim Ryan, D-Youngstown, said Democrats are the party of inclusion while Republicans continue to block access to voting, fight against affordable health care and speak out against marriage equality. The other seven candidates will appeared in a shorter debate earlier Thursday night. Another 20% of the questions involved national security.


“People deserve to hear from her, because she does bring a lot to the table and she brings a different perspective than any other candidate than was on the stage”, said Mulet.

Donald Trump is a fighter, too, which is why he is popular now, but he is also erratic and egotistical, and to call his politics “flexible” is an understatement.

Donald Trump just adds attractive flair to the equation”.

“The empty rhetoric of them being committed to community is very hollow”, Turner said.

What about the Democratic Party? The great thing about the Republican candidates is that they have been governing, leading, acting, persuading.

But it’s not all bad news for Mr. Rubio.

Most candidates provided substantive, informed and sometimes feisty exchanges and answers to the hardball queries of Fox pros Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace.

“We’re all the puppeteers, a part of his cast”.

Today, Republicans’ love of crown princes hasn’t entirely disappeared: runners-up from two prior primary battles – Rick Santorum from 2012 and Mike Huckabee from 2008 – have joined this year’s fray. In 2016, the GOP nominee will have to do better than Mitt Romney.

“Anything restricting immigration was a big applause line and they all wanted to go there”, said David Lublin, a professor of government at American University in Washington, D.C. They’re much more interested in shaping the future makeup of the party than in winning in 2016. More details will be announced later, party officials said. Ted Cruz of Texas.

In statewide elections, moderate Republicans (remember them?) were defeated by the “Tea Party” and the establishment of the GOP found itself losing control of its base. They framed the issue instead as a problem with government spending fostering dependency-a slightly less dismissive, slightly more infantilizing way of describing the same, mostly imagined phenomenon.

“It’s a conundrum and dilemma that’s unsolvable in a way”, Prof.

The forum, which at times felt more theatrical than political, is the latest example how one of the nation’s most divisive topics has been ignored in the GOP primary thus far.

Mr. Paul has been a strong critic of government casting a wide net to collect metadata without a warrant.

The issue is not going away.

Allen Piper, an activist who frequents local school board meetings, said after the debate that he thinks his party has an excellent field of candidates to choose from when Republicans have their convention next year.

Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz said it doesn’t matter who gets the nomination because Republicans all use the same play book.


“I support Scott Walker right now”, said Herring. What does this crop of Republican candidates stand for?