PM says Croatia considering lifting border blockade with Serbia

According to the article, Croatia should now “release the crossings” after which Serbia would “withdraw the countermeasures in order to resolve the crisis“.


The sudden arrival of so many refugees could push up unemployment next year, however, the German labour office research institute IAB said on Thursday, forecasting a reversal of this year’s decline in the jobless tally. And the deal would enable making exceptions to cumbersome construction planning rules.

Following an extraordinary meeting of the European Council, the 28 approved an aid of a billion euros, through the World Food Program and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, addressed to nations near Syria.

The program, which is limited compared with the present needs, must be quickly implemented.

Anadolu said the refugees would be returned to the provinces where they registered.

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In a three-minute story, Hungary’s M1 television showed three rows of barbed wire laid out at the Slovenian border over several hundred metres, near the M70 highway that crosses the frontier to the town of Lendava in Slovenia.

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Kovacs called it a precautionary measure. He called on Orban to honor laws guaranteeing freedom of movement in Europe’s passport-free Schengen travel zone and those governing the right to asylum.

The government in Zagreb then accused Serbia of shunting the refugees into its territory and closed the cargo crossing in retaliation. Preparations are also underway to extend the fence along the Romanian border as well.

“Yes, the border is now open to all traffic”, an officer of the border police at the key Bajakovo crossing told Reuters by telephone.

Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said he still aimed to maintain a balanced budget next year.

“We don’t ask much from Serbia“.

Croatia is sending migrants north across its own border with Hungary, which in turn sends them to Austria, but Zagreb says it can not cope with the numbers and wants Serbia to send some of the migrants to Hungary and Romania. Almost 45,000 have entered in the last week.

Orban said he would also press fellow EU leaders to agree on a common list of safe countries of origin to which migrants can be returned, and to pitch in one percent of their EU income and their EU contributions to an emergency fund. “Without the support of Turkey, it will not work”.

More than 2,800 people, mainly Syrians, have sought shelter in Norway so far in Norway in September.

He added that Serbia went against European Union wishes by introducing counter-measures banning the passage of Croatian goods.

“Asylum seekers linked to radical Islam are not a main concern to the PST in the short-term”, intelligence service PST said in a statement. Eurotunnel, which operates the freight service, also confirmed the death in the French terminal area. About a dozen migrants are know to have died trying to reach Britain from France through the Tunnel.

Croatia’s Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic, speaking in Brussels where European Union leaders have been discussing a response to the migrant crisis, said Serbia’s behaviour was “not normal”.

Orban recently claimed a new fence along the Croatian border will be completed by the weekend. “This is what must be considered”.

Germany has by far accepted the biggest number of migrants.

The meeting Thursday in Berlin is aimed at improving cooperation between national and local authorities, and speeding up the bureaucratic process of asylum claims.

Vucic told B92 that Serbia would not stop Croatian citizens from entering Serbia but the blockade on freight will remain.

Serbia and Croatia have been trading barbed words rarely seen heard they fought the war in the 1990s.

He said Hungary would make a decision about sealing off its border with Croatia only after consultations to gather support for the move.

Dominik Bartsch said the United Nations was planning for the displacement of 500,000 people from the Iraqi city of Mosul if Iraqi forces launch an attempt to recapture the city from the so-called Islamic State group.


“It has been an important night for Italy“, Renzi said after the close of the summit early Thursday morning.

British Prime Minister David Cameron arrives at an extraordinary summit on the migrant crisis in Brussels Belgium on Wednesday