PM to address UN General Assembly today

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged India and Pakistan on Sunday to “continue their peaceful dialogue“.


On Sharif ” s side of the table was seated US President Barack Obama, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and leaders from Rwanda, Ethiopia.

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said he is willing to set up an industrial complex exclusively for South Korean companies to help facilitate their investment in Pakistan.

On this occasion, he also had informal exchange of views with leaders of other countries.

Since they had reached the chamber just minutes before the summit was to begin, they took their seats and did not walk around the room to meet or greet any other leaders present.

PM’s advisers Sartaj Aziz and Tariq Fatemi and IT Minister Anusha Rehman also attended the meeting.

Prime Minister Sharif said business and private sectors also had an important role in promoting economic opportunities, innovation and high impact solutions. Modi left immediately after addressing the summit.

The Prime Minister said that Pakistan’s recommendations in peacekeeping resonated in both the UN Panel and the Secretary-General’s reports, adding that these included the importance of consultations with Troop Contributing Countries, provision of better resources for peacekeeping operations, a two-phased mandate process and the principle of not using peacekeepers for counter-terrorism. However, these talks were cancelled after India insisted that the NSAs should discuss the issue of terrorism alone as was agreed upon between the two sides in Ufa while Pakistan wanted the inclusion of Kashmir in the agenda.


India largely ignored Pakistan’s carping on Kashmir at the United Nations, with Prime Minister Modi staying above the fray and involving himself in intense business outreach and community/diaspora relations during his visit, aside from having multiple bilaterals to push India’s membership of the security council and various multilateral forums. “You can’t have a few countries talking of good and bad terrorists”.

Cooperation among developing nations key to achieving new anti-poverty goals