Police Release 911 Call Made By Suspect In 2 Mississippi Murders

Lamb is accused of killing Amy Prentiss and a professor at Delta State University before eventually taking his own life late Monday.


Gautier Police said alleged gunman Shannon Lamb wrote a remorse letter after shooting to death his girlfriend Amy Prentiss. “He’s a sweet dog and he won’t bother anybody but I’m sure he’s upset”.

When contacted Wednesday by 16 WAPT News, Gautier police officials said they “can’t confirm anything today”.

After Lamb’s auto was spotted traveling across a bridge from Arkansas, and police in Greenville, Mississippi, began following him, he jumped from the vehicle and ran into a wooded area, law enforcement said. Relatives relayed that information to authorities.

Lamb then led police in a 12-hour auto chase, which ended when he told police officers “wasn’t going to jail” before turning the gun on himself.

Once inside Lamb’s home, police say they found the body of 41-year-old Amy Prentiss wrapped in a blanket in a bedroom.

Police have not yet determined a motive for the shooting.

LaForge said both Lamb and Schmidt were colleagues in the same division on campus.

A book published by Schmidt says in the acknowledgements that Schmidt considered himself “so lucky to have such wonderful people to share my academic life with”, including Lamb.

Tuesday classes at Delta State were cancelled and a candlelight vigil in Scmidt’s memory is scheduled to take place this evening. Lamb, who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound Monday night, is also the suspect in the killing of a professor at Delta State University Monday morning. He received a doctorate in education in the spring. This year, he was teaching two online classes.

She says Lamb’s body is being taken to the state crime lab in Pearl for autopsy.

“Without him I wouldn’t have made it through college”, Rapetti said.

Brandon Beavers, an education student, said he had a class with Lamb past year . “It was just cool”.

Lamb, he said, was a talented musician who played guitar and harmonica. “There’s obviously something there that brought this about”, Bingham said. “He was never in a bad mood, but he was real shaky”. He said Lamb had expressed some difficulty with a medical situation.

In a 911 call Monday, Lamb told police he had shot Prentiss and that officers needed to get over to their house. “He always sees the big picture and I think had he been alarmed, it might have alarmed me more”, she said.

It later confirmed that Ethan Schmidt, a professor of American history, had been killed.

Kyle Anthony, another Kansas classmate, said that Schmidt was a proud father who coached his son’s soccer team – despite knowing nothing about the sport – and posted stats and points scored by his three children on Facebook.


Sophomore Robert Holcomb attended a counseling session with dozens of other students and faculty.

Shannon Lamb left note saying 'I am so sorry' for killing girlfriend before