Pope Francis meets both the powerful and the poor in USA visit

“I am profoundly sorry that your innocence was violated by those who you trusted”, Pope Francis said.


“Media reports indicate His Holiness instead intends to focus the brunt of his speech on climate change – a climate that has been changing since first created in Genesis”, he wrote in the column. His album entitled “Inauguration” where white smoke declared him the next leader of the Roman Catholic World, featured hit singles like “Who am I to Judge”, and has made the pope popular among millions of people around the world.

This morning, Griffin called Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America, to express disappointment that Pope Francis declined to meet with LGBT faithful, particularly in light of the reported meeting with Davis. He delighted droves of well-wishers with an off-the-cuff speech on family life. Sponsored by the Lord himself, Pope Francis touches audiences young and old.

In both cities, Pope Francis traveled on his motorcade in his “Popemobile” and had the driver stop many times so that he could bless babies, schoolchildren and others. The Biblical command that we welcome the stranger was one he mentioned repeatedly, and Pope Francis said we as a nation have recently fallen short in honoring our shared heritage.

“That unique position and power, as the Pope said, calls us to be compassionate and helpful”.

While the pope gave a talk in the same square as the drafters of the Declaration of Independence read the document aloud in 1776, Boston pilgrims joined the crowds at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway for the Festival of Families. These little gestures we learn at home, in the family; they get lost amid all of the other things we do. “In God’s merciful plan, love and peace triumph over all“. We all felt how significant his visit was.

The visit involved political and pastoral aspects. His personality and concern for others came through in all of his speeches. He touched on his environmental encyclical, “Laudato Si'” again in his parting remarks.

The religious and moral foundation upon which the United States was founded and built can continue to nurture the nation to be “the land of liberty and welcome, and to cooperate for a world that is more just and fraternal”, he said. “We figured what better way to come and celebrate it with her than to potentially get a papal blessing for her new baby”, Buckley said.

Outside, thousands of people gathered on the National Mall to watch the address, as well as see the Pope in the moments that followed as he stepped outside to ask for their thoughts and prayers.

His message of unity, kindness and caring captured many, especially in Philadelphia. “Within our family of faith and our human families, the sins and crimes of sexual abuse of children must no longer be held in secret and in shame”, the Pope said in his address to the victims.

I would have introduced him to Sister Helen Cole at Guadalupe Family Services, so she could tell him about her work with families who have experienced the murder of a loved one. “And I’m happy. I have been a disciple… and have been a part of an incredible experience”.

The exact impact of the visit remains to be seen, though early signs are promising. “Everybody was calling out his name”, Cindy said.


At the Harvard WorldMUN conference, which takes place in a different city every year and brings together more than 2,500 college students from across the world, delegates practice their diplomatic negotiation skills throughout a five-day event.

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