Pope offers up 2 medals to Madonna in Bolivia

Indians were allowed to live on the haciendas as long as they worked them.


Once “capital” becomes an “idol” and guides individuals and once “greed for money presides over the entire socioeconomic system”, it ruins society, Francis said.

Vivian Nunez, a 26-year-old psychologist, said she was very moved and hopes for big changes. Each statue is progressively degraded and broken, and less recognizable as a man. On the top step, there simply stands a pair of damaged feet: humanism has triumphed; humanity has been destroyed. It’s unclear whether the Pope told Morales, “That’s not right”, or simply said: “I didn’t know that”. “They beautified the city”. Pope Francis has shown a special affection for the imprisoned since being elected pope in 2013.

Social media lit up with reactions to the polemical gift, with many voicing criticism of the Bolivian president for trying to “politicize” the papal visit, while many Catholics from around the globe rejected the gesture as offensive to the countless victims of communist totalitarian regimes. A group of dancers also entertained the pope, who looked on with smiles.

The crucifix was based on a design by Luis Espinal, a Jesuit Priest assassinated in 1980 by right-wing militia to whom Pope Francis paid tribute during his trip. Trimate is made from coca leaves, chamomile and anise. Pope Francis stopped to pray at the site of Espinal’s assassination before moving on to meet with Morales.

The Bolivian government, however, insisted that there was no political move behind the gift.

Pope Francis, center, enters San Francisco Church in Quito, on July 7, 2015 for a meeting with political, economic and civil leaders.

He will head on Friday to Paraguay, the last stop on his tour of South America, which began in Ecuador. The government declared Thursday a national holiday so everyone could attend.

All three of the countries Francis is visiting are predominantly Catholic and have been marked by a long history of poverty and inequality mostly afflicting indigenous populations.

“The monopolistic concentration of media is ideological colonialism”, he said.

Pope John Paul II celebrated a mass in this same place in 1988 under torrential rains.

Pope Francis explained that the logic of materialism means dismissing those people who are unable to produce, often seeing them as unworthy and incapable.

The Pope’s appointment of Barros has led to an unprecedented outcry by abuse victims and Catholic faithful in Chile.

“We’re used to the creative originality of President Morales”, said Eugenio Coter, from the Church’s Bolivian Amazonian missionary region.

The country’s prison regimen lets inmates roam outside their cells by day.

One inmate told of witnessing the murder of a fellow inmate. “A man who was, and is, saved from his many sins”. Module 5 houses the infirm, most with tuberculosis.

The current global finance system is “intolerable”, he said. “Don’t be afraid to help one another”.

One asked for “dignified nutrition” for starters.

Ostreicher, current inmates and their relatives say Palmasola, built to run 800 people but housing 5,000, is really run by its most hardened inmates – convicted rapists and murderers. A relatively subdued reaction in Israel reflected the new reality, though Hamas is likely to push for a new round of prisoner releases by Israel before it returns the two men.

Pope Francis apologized for some of the Catholic church’s sins and strongly voiced a call for social justice and environmentalism in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.


The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said that Francis wrote the speech on his own and that the apology for the sins, offenses and crimes of the church was a “particularly important declaration”.

Bolivia's president gives the pope a crucifix carved in a hammer and sickle