Pope to stop in flood-prone Paraguayan slum

“I too have transgressed and am in need of penance”, Pope Francis told the prisoners.


Metropolitan Tarasios is an old friend of the pope’s from Buenos Aires, where he is based. On Sunday, he gave a greeting at Francis final Mass in Asuncion.

“I say this to you with regret: many grave sins were committed against the native peoples of America in the name of God”.

As he had done on previous stops during his trip, first in Ecuador, and then Bolivia, Francis called for an end to poverty – also endemic in the region – and lamented today’s consumer society.

Pope Francis then praised Paraguay’s clergy and religious for their collaboration in diocesan pastoral plans and mission.

Dialogue, he said, “presupposes and demands a culture of encounter … which acknowledges that diversity is not only good, it is necessary”. The Pope arrived Friday afternoon in the Paraguayan capital of Asuncion on the final leg of his three-nation tour of South America’s poorest countries that included Ecuador and neighboring Bolivia.

Pope Francis has emerged from the nunciature in Quito where he spent the night.

“A person called by God does not show off; he or she does not seek recognition or applause; he or she does not claim to be better than others, standing apart as if on a pedestal”, Pope Francis said.

Elisa Ledesma says the estimate comes from the agency’s “experience and observation”.

At the Mass at the Caacupé shrine, Pope Francis himself introduced the Our Father in Guarani, praying, “Ore Ru, yvagape reimeva …” The pharmaceutical salesman traveled with his wife and four children from Tucuman, Argentina. The Rev. Rogelio Livieres Plano was ousted in September. For example, he failed to use hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations for social works as they were intended. “But we never apologized, so I now ask for forgiveness”.

Residents of Banado Norte are technically squatting on municipal land but want the right to stay.

At a news conference later, Paraguayan Catholic Church spokesman Mariano Mercado referred to the rebels as “criminals”. “It is important that you, the young, realize that genuine happiness comes from working to make a more fraternal world!” It is blamed for at least 40 killings. He did fly through Argentine airspace en route from Bolivia to Paraguay – the closest he’s been to home since his 2013 election. And this is reflected also in his choice of countries he has visited. “The poor have much to teach us about humanity, goodness and sacrifice”, he said.

Ruiz told The Associated Press last week that the corn, coconut and squash are subsistence products of Paraguay’s native peoples.

The Colorado party held center stage in Paraguayan politics until 2008 when leftist ex- bishop Fernando Lugo won the presidency.

“Corruption is the plague, it’s the gangrene of society”, he added during a heavily improvised speech at the rally, attended by Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes.

A Jesuit priest, Antonio Ruiz de Montoya, published the first Guarani grammar in 1639.

“We built our neighbourhoods inch by inch, overcoming hard terrain, floods and hostile public authorities”, Garcia told him.

“I am seeking to meet with Pope Francis to personally urge him to make an apology here in Canada for the role of the Catholic Church in the suffering of Indian residential school survivors, consistent with the recommendation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission”, Bellegarde said.

Jobs are a right and bestow dignity, he said.

In Banado Norte, murals adorned the walls of houses made of corrugated metal, wood and cement blocks.


Tens of thousands of people, including Francis’ Argentine countrymen, have packed the plaza outside the basilica for his first Mass in Paraguay. Pigs rummage through garbage for leftovers.

Pope laments corruption as `gangrene of a people