Pope urges action on climate change, citing plight of world’s poor

The questions were personal and emotionally fraught.


“I hope there’s a young LGBT teen out there and feel like they’re not alone”, Ledesma said.

She eventually did receive the annulment. Brown has been homeless on and off for 10 years, ever since the grandmother who raised her died.

The Associated Press is reporting Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Anglican bishop, will also attend the ceremony at the White House.

Since becoming pope in March of 2013, Pope Francis has washed the feet of prisoners, held and kissed the deformed and disabled, and visited Latin American slums: and complimented those struggling families for holding fast to joy amid poverty.

“We must have the courage to enter into contact with these families”, he said, adding that it must be done “in a discreet but generous way, materially, humanly or spiritually, in those circumstances where they are vulnerable”.

With a couple strokes of the pen Tuesday, Francis eliminated all fees and reduced the layers of decision-makers and amount of evidence needed for annulments.

“The biggest mistake people can make in thinking about changes in the pontificate is to imagine that it’s like American politics, and that we’ve substituted a Democrat for a Republican and a whole new party platform”, Garvey says. With the current process, people have to fill out 20-page questionnaires and from there wait a year before the process is complete.

Jeb Bush, a devout Catholic, will attend Mass with Francis in Washington. Spouses can still appeal to a regional authority and then the Vatican.

As of now, Catholics, who divorce, are not allowed to receive Communion and are considered to be living in sin.

The Catholic Church and its 1.2 billion members do not recognize divorce. I simply laughed to myself thinking of the surprise people were in for when they read that in fact the Pope had reiterated the Church’s position on abortion as sinful and had only fine-tuned how people seek forgiveness for it. Nevertheless, over the next 24 hours I would come to realize this was no laughing matter.

The “no sex” rule is thought to be backed by other Catholic leaders who have not spoken publicly.

“A priest who isn’t merciful does much damage in the confessional”.

On Sunday evening, Pope Francis will head back to the Vatican. “God longs for you to be happy”, the pope said.

During the annual World Day for Migrants and Refugees previous year , he called on people to change their attitudes toward immigrants and move away from “defensiveness and fear, indifference and marginalization”. He understands that relationships can be handsome but they also can be very challenging. “It’s important to remember that we are a universal church”. He argues that the overflow of immigrants is an invasion and refused to provide services, saying that majority already have money.

With an official nullification of a marriage, Catholics again would be free to practice their religion.

In the document, Francis insisted that marriage remains an indissoluble union and that the new regulations aren’t meant to help to end them. Evidence, according to the Diocese of Pittsburgh, could include “lack of openness to children, rejection of a commitment to fidelity and the permanence of marriage, severe immaturity, fraud or psychological problems such as depression or addiction”.


Popes Benedict XVI and John Paul II visited the White House during their papacies, but Francis is far more popular, and will be the first pope to speak before a joint congressional session.

Cross-section of religious life to greet Pope Francis in US