Popular Urban Footwear

Urban footwear is easily one of the biggest markets in fashion today and there is a huge selection of trainers for you to pick from. Styles and designs vary greatly from label to label offering you the chance to find trainers unique and fitting for your persona, and all footwear within this category is very comfortable to wear and generally quite low priced.


You may feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of trainers available to choose from, and although the final decision will be a matter of personal choice there are a few key brands that all urban footwear aficionados should be aware of. These brands are synonymous with top quality and innovatively designed trainers, and are on the cutting edge of modern urban footwear.


Possibly the biggest manufacture of not just urban footwear but also sportswear and leisure clothing, Nike are constantly releasing new and exciting trainers. The Air Jordan is regarded as the biggest selling urban trainers of all time, and footwear made by this company ranges greatly in design and aesthetic value.

Nike have a massive catalogue of urban trainers for you to choose from, so be prepared to spend some time browsing.


Often regarded as Nike’s biggest rival, the Run DMC endorsed Adidas Superstar is one of the biggest selling trainers of all time. Adidas are well known for their iconic trainers such as the Gazelle, and many of their designs incorporate their famous three stripe logo.


For a long time Vans were only worn by those with an interest in skateboarding, but the past few years has seen a great interest in the brand from the urban fashion market. Vans shoes are extremely durable and very comfortable, and the majority of their footwear is low priced. Popular styles of Vans footwear include Slip-ons, Vans Classics and the Vans Chukka Boot.

Creative Recreation

Creative Recreation are a brand that was started in Los Angeles in 2002, and in the years since have gone on to
become one of the most sought after brands in the urban fashion world. Creative Recreation make top quality footwear with designs quite unlike any other brand sold today.

This company manufacture both lo and hi top trainers, and these are available in a range of colours and different materials.


Reebok are one of the most loved British brands and have been making quality clothing and footwear for over one hundred years. The most famous Reebok trainer is definitely the Classic, and this trainer is manufactured in a multitude of colours and materials.

Where to Buy

Obviously most people buy their trainers in shops and stores on the high street, but I advise you to buy online. Sites like J-Bees will often have a bigger range of Creative Recreation or Nike trainers than what you will find in-store. Online stores often have exclusive stock not currently available in stores and it guarantees that you will find your size with no problem.

Urban footwear sold online is often done so at a lower price than those sold on the high street, and you will have access to special deals and promotions.


James Murphy is a fashion blogger with a strong interest in the world of trainers and sneakers. James enjoys spending his free time searching for rare Air Jordans.