Porsche’s 600-HP Mission E Electric Sedan is Efficient, handsome

Previous concepts like the Panamericana (1989) and the Boxster (1993) both got the public ready for new production models, and we expect to see a production four-seat Porsche EV in the not-too-distant future.


Porsche said the Mission E’s power plant can generate up to 600 horsepower and can propel the auto from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in about 3.5 seconds.

PORSCHE is hoping to take on Tesla as the leader in all electric premium supercars with the unveiling this week of its Mission E concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

So how does this match up with Tesla’s latest upgrade to its flagship Model S P85D? The car’s pioneering and innovative 800 volt technology is double the voltage in today’s’ electric vehicles.

In terms of driving dynamics, the Mission E’s low center of gravity, lightweight construction (aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber reinforced polymer), and even weight distribution give the concept “emotional sportiness”. Porsche also claims that the battery has quick charge capabilities and can be recharged to around 80 percent in just 15 minutes.

Of course, the most expensive EVs these days can’t just have some fancy tech under the hood as Porsche also revealed its new holographic display system. But one good thing here is that Porsche is stepping up in the field of electric cars.

Power for the concept is provided by two permanently-excited synchronous motors (PSM), similar to those used in this year’s Le Mans victor, the 919 hybrid and delivering over 600bhp.

Plus, the Mission E boasts a longer range than Tesla’s Model S. It should run for 250 miles after a 15-minute charge versus 170 miles from a 30-minute charge.

The interior design is pure Porsche based on the concepts of openness, driver-orientation, and functional efficiency. All this and more on Green vehicle Reports.


The Mission-E is all-wheel-drive and Porsche indicated that like so numerous brand’s models it would be suited for competition.

Porsche Mission E confirmed for Frankfurt