Pregnant Kim Kardashian slips into skintight unitard as she’s joined by

Kanye West talked up his sexual escapades with Kim most recently, according to a report by celebrity news repository Hollywood Life.


And the reality star looked thoroughly rested as she boarded a plane home with her daughter North today.

Kim Kardashian is an plain golden girl & it appears like her daughter North is following in her footsteps.

Haters can knock their techniques until the cows come home but at the end of it all, Kim and Kanye achieved their desired result, as the two are now expecting their second child.

Of course, Kim’s massive size and image-ruining stretch marks have made the reality TV princess a hot emotional mess – and her diva antics over her pregnancy pounds have only added more stress to her marriage with Kanye. Succinctly stated, it’s the premise that when it comes to Kim and Kanye, there’s no such thing as too much information. “He likes to suck on her toes and when he does that – it drives her wild!”

“Kanye wishes Kim could be pregnant all year long“. The tabloid revealed that Kim has already gained 65 pounds, and she is only half way through her pregnancy and has four more months to go!

The 38-year-old rapper is reportedly obsessed with his wife’s growing curves and thinks she looks sexier than ever.

Mum-of-one Kim, 34, revealed earlier this year that she and her husband were having sex “500 times a day” in an effort to conceive. “He is in love with Kim’s pregnancy body and makes sure that she knows that at all times”.

She said: “It’s, like, so frustrating”.


Do you think Kim is being overly emotional or over-reacting?

Kim Kardashian and North West fly out