Presidential politics, and guests appear in ‘SNL’ premiere

And that big, weed-loving, clothes-shunning personality is often the source of controversary – but that Miley was mostly absent for the season 41 premiere of SNL, which marked the third time the musician’s hosted since her first time around in 2011.


There’s a palpable excitement in the zeitgeist when SNL is airing during an election year. “Donald Trump? Isn’t he the one that’s like ‘Ugh, you’re all losers, ‘” she said in a deep voice. According to his very active Twitter feed, he liked the spoof – and even took credit for Killam’s work. The sketch probably could have done more with the manic side of Taylor Swift devotion, but in an episode in which little landed, this still worked effectively in context of the entire week. And with a fist pump, Clinton agreed, “Me too”.

Abilify … for Presidential contenders – This was about as good a commentary for people like Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee as possible: Just stop. This one was solidly clever.

Then the scene turned to address what will perhaps be the strongest anti-Clinton talking point next week: the issue of gay marriage.

The outspoken singer likes to keep things light and fun, but on Saturday, Cyrus couldn’t stop the tears from flowing as she performed “The Twinkle Song” with the Flaming Lips – whist wearing an outfit made up of hair down to her knees and flowers that barely covered her lady bits. Look! Miley Cyrus raps and is into weird sex stuff!

Watch the full sketch below.

The Millennials: A commercial for a new Fox drama series centered on the lives of spoiled, entitled, and social media-obsessed twenty-somethings. “Second, I am a human, entrusted with this one green Earth”, McKinnon said. The Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz Tour will visit five additional cities with dates lined up in New York City, Washington DC, Detroit, Philadelphia and Boston.

The only logical conclusion of Taylor Swift’s ever-expanding “squad,” as Aidy Bryant and Vanessa Bayer envision it, is a doomsday super squad that takes over all of humanity. It bombed pretty hard with the audience, and, as much as I value Mooney’s off-center sensibility, it’s not enough for his Pope to have a amusing accent and say “crushed it”, “so scrumsh”, and “emoji”.

“Oh Val. I’m just so darn bummed”.

Ruby Nichols: Leslie Jones stars as a perpetually frustrated, long-since-forgotten 1960’s late night host dealing with the horrifying racism of her time period. These aren’t great sketches, but Jones is great in them.

“First, I’m a grandmother”. She joined McKinnon for a rendition of Bill Withers’ “Lean on Me” and suddenly, beautifully: she flubbed the words. Their increasing weirdness just gets me every time, and this one was no exception. As far as political appearances go, it was about as good as you can get.


Best Sketch Of The Week: Thin pickings for the episode-there was nothing close to a classic sketch tonight. “Clearly, I don’t hate immigrants”, he said.

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