Prince’s Remains Cremated, Private ‘Beautiful’ Ceremony Held

Prince’s remains have been cremated and the singer was remembered by a family, friends and musicians in a private ceremony Saturday, according to a statement from his representatives.


Prince’s death came two weeks after he cancelled concerts in Atlanta, saying he wasn’t feeling well.

According to TMZ, Prince was treated for a drug overdose just days before he was found dead.

‘It sounded like he was looking kind of weak. The “Purple Rain” star, born Prince Rogers Nelson, was found by staff members who went to the compound in Chanhassen, about 20 miles outside Minneapolis, the next morning when they couldn’t reach him by phone. “I never bought an album but I’m coming here because of the loss of him and his music”.

Carver County Sheriff Jim Olson said Prince’s body had no signs of violence. “I don’t know how you pull that off, making music, or letting people share music while they’re at the museum”.

Prince was one of few artists to hold ownership of his master recordings and his own music publishing and it’s reported that he had up to 2000 songs locked away in a vault at his Paisley Park home.

Prince’s publicist also said in a statement that the singer’s “final storage” will remain private and that a musical celebration will happen at a later time.

“He had very precise ideas about how he wanted his death to be handled and that didn’t involve a huge funeral but a quiet service”, he said.

Meanwhile, the star’s brother-in-law told The Sun his estate will be turned into a museum as a lasting memorial. A postmortem has been carried out but no cause of death has yet been confirmed.

After Prince’s body was released on Friday following his autopsy, it was taken to First Memorial Waterston Chapel for his ceremony and cremation.


Prince, despite his personal eccentricities, was widely hailed as one of the greatest musicians of his generation, creating a unique brand of danceable funk and mastering the guitar so extensively that he could play it behind his back or blindfolded. He was all about the fans – this would remember his music, which is his legacy’.

Prince performs at the 10th Anniversary Essence Music Festival at the Superdome