Priyanka Chopra Had Second Thoughts About Doing ‘Quantico’

For us Indians, that is.


Throughout the course of the show, we jump back and forth between the day of the explosion and their time in FBI training school.

The highly anticipated series will air in India nearly immediately after its U.S. telecast, on Star World and Star World HD. There’s an interesting story that develops there because we might be losing Eric in the pilot, but we’re definitely adding into that same space moving forward with Raina.

Are you as obsessed with Quantico as we are? Voices of color often break into the American imagination through entertainment, particularly comedy. But beware anyone who says the show is “well-made”. Amidst sirens and falling ash, the camera hones in on a brown arm and hand, manicured, dusty, waiting to be identified and possibly rescued.

We later learn Alex’s big secret: she killed her father after he got drunk and beat her mother. Under these circumstances, that Chopra is helming a show is quite an achievement.

Populated with charming, attractive recruits (notably the aforementioned Chopra, who is positioned as the series’ lead) the flashback/Quantico scenes are infinitely more enjoyable than the present-day crime investigation.

Apparently, Chopra was given the choice of joining an existing show and starring in a new one. She’s smart, she’s sexy, she’s sassy…. Priyanka Chopra also represented the iconic American brand Guess Girl, and she even represented the brand’s holiday campaign recently. Brava! On the woman’s stiff wrist, we can make out a bracelet bearing an “om” pendant. As the van flips after a chase, Miranda screams for Alex to “run!” “If there is one thing I know for certain, it is that this has to stop”. “But to me, I love doing my Indian films, and it’s awesome that I can balance both”. How’s all that for a first lesson? “The world has become this big global family…” “Just the fact that she’s gotten into the industry, her music, her acting, she’s been offered this show”. There are brilliant television shows being written, new ideas are being explored and the writing is more intelligent than ever before. Some critics have labeled Quantico equal parts Homeland and Grey’s Anatomy.

Quantico plays a lot with time, similar to How to Get Away With Murder. The twists aren’t always twisty, but they pop up with the regularity of a cuckoo in a cuckoo clock. It’s a plot device to give you just a tease of their backgrounds and whet your appetite to find out more.

Quantico is also delightfully disconnected with reality and filled with over-the-top dialoguebaazi, which makes it all the more reminiscent of Bollywood. As such, their first assignment as recruits?

The series was initially about a terrorist within the New York Police Department, because Safran was living in New York City on September 11, 2001.

The Quantico class is settling into their rooms when Alex announces everyone that she had sex with Ryan six hours ago. Yeah, you thought they were gonna drag that one out, huh?

We also asked Safran to tease a bit about the road ahead for Alex, now that she’s on the run as public enemy No. 1. Where’s her lawyer? Come back to find out what happens next week on Quantico season 1!

After promoting “Quantico” at Good Morning America and making the crew groove to Bollywood dance moves on “Bang Bang”, Priyanka Chopra is all set to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live!


In a scene that feels very CW, the recruits all talk and cope, there’s a speech, and it looks like Caleb scrubs out of the Academy.

Priyanka Chopra Had Second Thoughts About Doing 'Quantico'