Pro-Life supporters protest Planned Parenthood in Providence

“There is a line in the sand, which side are you on”.


To that end, they went out this weekend and engaged in a little street theater.

Planned Parenthood has released an ad attacking Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte and twisting her intentions into something to fit their agenda. They hold meetings in abandoned warehouses, enjoy laughable sculptures, and mock the rest of us.

“We are losing a generation of people that could continue great things”, he said, calling it a serious constitutional issue. “We know that life begins at conception”. “I mean [laughter], but their lab?”

ISIS When it comes to sending ground troops to fight ISIS, 55 percent of Floridians supported the idea compared to just 40 who opposed it, while 63 percent said America and its allies are losing the war against ISIS.

Specter is apparently content with entrusting the sex education and unwanted pregnancy initiatives to a group that advices young people to engage in recreational sex play that involves defecating and urinating on sexual partners, viewing “educational pornos”, and role playing as babies during sex while dressing in diapers.

Dyer complains that sometimes the intact fetuses are “destroyed” by bad handling at the abortion facility. “I really wish that they would join forces with us in reducing unintended pregnancy and abortion“.

“I believe that his life it’s not whether I want him or not”. The number of states that have moved forward with efforts to remove Planned Parenthood from their Medicaid programs remained at five; no additional states announced plans to defund Planned Parenthood.

“Do you feel that support from Cecile [Richards] and from Deborah [Nucatola]?” the investigator asks. So as a public service, and in the spirit of fairness, I’ve pieced together the news from various underplayed stories. Then it’s off to work, because Larry can be a real ballbreaker if you’re late for your shift. If we’re going to do it equitably, let them seek their funding. Basically, they’ve realized the power of irony coupled with the First Amendment, and they’re pushing their schtick as far as they can. Right?

The protests staged at dozens of Planned Parenthood sites came after an anti-abortion group released an eighth video Friday purporting to show Planned Parenthood officials negotiating prices for aborted fetal tissue.

In 2011, the Indiana Legislature voted to bar Planned Parenthood clinics from receiving Medicaid funds.

Over the past six weeks, a series of videos have gone forth to expose the pernicious practices of Planned Parenthood, financed by a half-billion of our tax dollars and enthusiastically supported by President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. In the past, they have said the videos are misleading and put out by a group whose claims were discredited.


As anti-abortion protesters gathered outside Ferndale’s Planned Parenthood, the Satanic Temple set up a guerrilla theatrical performance which featured two actresses, tied up in a kneeling prayer position, as people dressed as clergymen attempted to drown them in milk.

Columbia clinic licensed for abortions received exemption