Project X-Ray Revealed by Microsoft

Microsoft have announced that the first quarter of 2016 will see developer kits of their HoloLens augmented reality headset in people’s hands.


The HoloLens team demoed a new game Microsoft has been working on, dubbed Project X-Ray.

During Microsoft’s HoloLens update it also alluded to a compatible HoloLens controller so you can more clearly interact with the virtual world around you.

Although many gamers may be disappointed by the fact that HoloLens will not be focused on gaming for a while – especially with games like Project X-Ray and Minecraft in the works – a few have called Microsoft “smart” for its decision to focus on enterprise instead. As reported, Microsoft utilized its equipment occasion today to uncover both the $3,000 price point, and a discharge window, Q1 2016. He used this to do battle with a few scary-looking monsters. Project XRay also features a real world gameplay experience that uses players’ surroundings to create unique game environments.

Fortunately, the player is equipped with a handheld device which the HoloLens uses to map a holographic blaster upon.

In the demo the wearer shot virtual holes in a real wall. And these sorts of demos appear to position HoloLens just like the same problems as Kinect had. Sensors tell the game’s foes where furniture and walls in the room are, and the baddies take this into consideration when they’re scheming an offensive against you. Google’s Glass developer program, which had a comparable developer access scheme, had a $1,500 buy-in, making it pricey, but arguably within reach of many of those with a keen interest in the device.


The official release of Microsoft’s wild holographic headset is probably still a long way off, but this morning Microsoft announced that it’s going to start selling early units to developers.