Protesters mark anniversary of Eric Garner’s chokehold death

“I can’t breathe!” as cops forcefully held him down. Garner was heard shouting that he couldn’t breathe as he was wrestled to the ground. “I want to see how to organize something like this in Jacksonville, how to bring those lessons back to where I live a city that I care about”.


Daniel Donovan gained national attention as the district attorney for Richmond County, New York.

“There is no correlation between the outcome of the civil case and whether officers were indicted or charged with a crime, or whether they were disciplined internally or externally”, Haberfeld says.

Garner, who was heavyset and had asthma, had refused to be handcuffed after being stopped on suspicion of selling loose, untaxed cigarettes on a Staten Island street.

Donovan now resides in Washington and is the sole congressman for his home borough. A concert in Oakland, California, tonight will recognize the anniversary, The New York Times reported. “His campaign was largely about advancing Staten Island’s very local priorities”, Burns said.

Sharpton said the settlement to the family was deserved but didn’t resolve the larger questions around policing and minorities.

“No I do not feel like the police have been more sensitive to us at all”, Henry said. A judge in March denied their petition. If police departments felt they had something to lose, then maybe fewer Eric Garners would die needlessly.

In the video, Garner lies unresponsive as a medical worker takes his pulse.

BROOKLYN -The nationwide movement that emerged from a sidewalk in Staten Island exactly one year ago continues to swell with support.

The NYPD arrested one rally demonstrator in the early evening, but did not respond to Sputnik’s request for comment regarding the details of the arrest.

But one year later, advocates for changing the criminal-justice system say their calls haven’t sparked the overhaul they had hoped for. The dove flew away as family members and supporters cheered. Millions March NYC, NYC ShutItDown, Peoples Power Assemblies, and Black Lives Matter NYC are among the groups mobilizing.

New York City agreed to pay Garner’s family $5.9 million to resolve the claim over his death, officials said on Monday. He argues the settlement is too generous considering that Garner’s poor health may have contributed to his death.

Taisha Allen lives minutes from where Garner died and was there for the fatal encounter, cell phone in hand. A year later at the ceremony, his anger hasn’t dissipated at all. She’s thought twice about seeking help.

Civil rights leader Al Sharpton announced that another rally is scheduled for July 18 in New York City. After a verbal altercation with NYPD that was caught on videotape, one officer appeared to put Garner in a choke hold that lasted nearly 20 seconds. And Mullins is concerned it will send the wrong message about resisting arrest.


Ed Cox, chairman of New York’s Republican party, said the state Senate GOP, which didn’t vote on Mr. Lippman’s proposal, was wary of passing laws hastily.