Publisher pulls celebrity blurbs from web pages of Cosby bio

Gardner continues: “But as the shocking revelations continue to unspool due to now-unsealed depositions (in which Bill Cosby admits to obtaining quaaludes to seduce women in the 1970s for sexual purposes), those stars have pulled back on their endorsements”. The lawyers on Tuesday, July 21, 2015, asked a court to preserve the confidentiality of his 2006 settlement in a sexual-battery lawsuit.


Goldstein did not have an immediate comment on any changes to the actual book. Simon & Schuster vice president and director, Cary Goldstein said that that no further paperback book has been scheduled for Mark Whitaker’s Cosby biography book and that it will be the same for the ebook and hardcover.

Stars such as Jerry Seinfeld, David Letterman, Billy Crystal, and Mary Tyler Moore fawned over Cosby, either in the book, or in its promotional materials, but following Cosby’s own admission and accusations he drugged and/or raped dozens of women over his long career; their loyalty has run out.

Now, Simon & Schuster, which published the biography, has removed several blurbs by celebrities who apparently requested that their endorsements be removed. “Cosby” has sold poorly in recent months and the hardcover ranked No. 350,880 on’s best-seller list as of late Wednesday afternoon. This comes just on the heels of filmmakers affirming that Cosby had been cut from a documentary about black stuntmen yesterday.

Apatow has been a great voice speaking out against Cosby and his alleged crimes – so much so that many people have followed suit in abandoning their support of the comedian, including a major publication company!

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