Putin Does Not Rule Out Russian Strikes in Syria

“The Russians, for the time being, are not at all”, Fabius told a news conference, using an Arabic acronym for IS.


On the central terrorism issue, leaders were dealing with an ISIS that attracting fighters from around the world, prompting fears they will return to their home countries to launch attacks.

None of the nations that Putin wants to enlist to fight IS alongside Assad – whether Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the USA or the European Union – has expressed any willingness to sign up. After the 90-minute sit-down at United Nations headquarters, Putin and U.S. officials who described the meeting on Obama’s behalf each spoke of the need for cooperation. “Unfortunately, they did not take part in the first meetings, first consultations”, he told reporters. “I hope this work will be constructive”. “We must address the problems that we are all facing and create a broad anti-terror coalition“, he said, proposing a Security Council resolution on a coalition to include Assad and Iran. If Russian service members were to be captured and subjected to the kind of tortures and killing for which the Islamic State is notorious, he says, Russia could “not just condemn brutal killing of its countrymen”.

Cook warned Russian Federation against any moves against anti-Assad forces under U.S. sponsorship.

“As you all know very well, the United States… is launching airstrikes on the territory of Syria and Iraq, and maybe other Middle Eastern States”.

The Pentagon does, however, have concerns about the inclusion of the Syrian government, which the USA believes is responsible for the civil war and the rise of the Islamic State from inside Syria’s borders.

Cameron acknowledged that a few observers view ISIS as even worse than Assad and cutting a deal with the Syrian leader to take on ISIS may seem appealing.

Russia’s current geopolitics has an air of desperation, but Mr Putin may well succeed if the global community counters his actions too slowly. Monday’s meeting marked another chapter in Obama’s and Putin’s history of colorful and tense encounters.

That the leaders met at all underscored Obama’s acceptance of Russia’s increasingly prominent role in resolving the crisis in Syria.

The reinforcement of the Russian military presence in the country, including the addition of tanks and warplanes, has brought fears of inadvertent or accidental clashes among the forces as well as US questions about Moscow’s main goal.


Syria however can not be divorced from the Ukraine’s situation, where for nearly 72 hours no shelling has occurred in the breakaway regions of either Donetsk or Luhansk.

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