Putin seeks partners to fight jihadists

“What we have to discuss with Russian Federation, what we have to try to reach agreement about, is that it’s in everyone’s interests that this part of the world has stability, that it has governments that can represent all its people, that it isn’t fomenting terrorism”.


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The US president condemned nations that believe “might makes right”, and sought instead to highlight the benefits of diplomacy.

That role would be unquestioned if Putin can somehow force the US’ hand to work with Assad in the fight against ISIS.

It’s unlikely Putin would join the U.S.-led coalition already launching strikes against the militants.

But the de facto alliance of Russian Federation, Syria, Iran, and Iraq will strengthen the hand of President Assad as the being shunted to the side in the fight against ISIS. That is precisely what we are meeting on to talk about now. Most of the attention will be on Putin and President Barack Obama who will have their own separate meeting in New York at a time of tensions over Russia’s military involvement in Syria. France had previously limited its air campaign to IS targets in Iraq.

The sudden military build-up in support of Assad and a refugee crisis that has spilled over from the region into Europe have lent urgency to attempts to resolve the Syria conflict.

In an interview with CBS’ “60 Minutes” the Russian president gave his unequivocal support to Syrian strongman Bashar Assad.

But in an earlier interview with U.S. TV networks last week, President Putin suggested the USA support for the moderate Syrian opposition is illegal.

The leader of the world’s second largest economy pledged $1 billion over the next decade to support the United Nations’ efforts to further worldwide cooperation and global peace and development.

David Cameron has said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could stay in power as part of a transitional government. “There has always been the idea that there would be a political transition”, the source was quoted as saying. Kerry made the statement after United States and Russian defence chiefs had agreed on several issues to avoid “accidental interactions”.

“The whole thing is a joke”. “Dropping a few bombs every now and then will not change anything,” he said.

“It is anti-Syrian propaganda”, he declared.

Less than a month ago, Russian Federation had no major military presence in Syria.

Later, a senior State Department official described their talks as a “very thorough exchange of views on both the military and the political implications of Russia’s increased engagement with Syria”. He spoke on condition of anonymity because members of the group are not allowed to speak to journalists.


Moscow says Damascus should be included in worldwide efforts to fight Islamic State, a demand the United States and other Western powers reject. “It is the same”.

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